Cave sit

In, bird song flaps into my open ears
In, wind blows, wave after refreshing wave,
flapping leaves in natural unrhythmic symphony
In, sun pierces through the forest canopy,
speckling the pale brown dirt with bright life-light
In, flutters a red-bodied butterfly,
from spot to spot—I look.
In, I inhale nature

The smell of peace permeates all

In, I withdraw into the Self
In, I breathe in pratyahara
Out, I expel the sensory input,
as my body drifts
In peace. Out peace.


Star power

A star
So far, so dim
But always charged
Ever present
Bolting forth sparks of life

A bright, shining star
The giver of life
A planet is born
From energy to matter
Its essence manifests
To learn to become free
To become the star
To be the light
To be the source
To be the be


Buddha nature in nature

Laying on a hot rock
Tension melts from the core of the back
In calmness, in peace

Looking up at the sky, clouds obscure the sun
But the giver of life goes nowhere, waiting patiently

Rain pounds down, punching holes in the soft earth
Rehydrated monkeys screech and howl in playful delight

Leeches slither and suck from their prey
So they can live another day

Looking down at the red-stained feeding frenzy
All is OK

Nature’s balance is a give and take
A give and take that is always present
Always natural

Looking up at the sky
The Buddha half-smiles down
Perfection is neither on, nor off
Always present

Present, natural, always.