Last Updated: November 1st, 2018

Humankind is stuck. We haven’t acted with conviction on climate change. We haven’t devoted the less than one percent of income needed to eradicate world poverty. We haven’t forced greed out of our broken economic system and we haven’t been able to stamp out corruption. Yes, humankind is stuck, but the Earth is not.

In the past two decades the number of natural disasters have increased fourfold. This grim statistic highlights a planet in crisis. A planet that is violently revolting, begging, pleading for its citizens to change. Change something, anything.

Unfortunately, too few are hearing big blue’s screams for help. Approaching 2012, a growing number have been commenting on feeling a shift taking place. Whether the great prophecy of 2012 has any truth to it or not, this year is likely to be one of great change.

From economic bubbles to rapid technological progress, we’re in the midst of some massive societal shifts. Yet, the revolving door of political leadership can’t seem to act on the most important issues that affect the world. In a democratic country, people elect politicians to represent them. Corruption aside, these politicians are simply representing our views.

We need only look at ourselves to understand why the world is not changing. Inertia breeds inertia. Or as a wise soul once said: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Do we want to thrust our planet into a downward spiral of irrevocable climate change? That’s just what the world’s leading energy agency, IEA, is saying will happen in just 5 YEARS if we don’t act now to stabilize carbon emissions. Half-ass attempts at correcting the greatest error in human history just won’t cut it. We need to be the change right now to keep the Earth’s temperature below the 2 degrees Celsius increase that scientists say will spare us from climate catastrophe.

Since we have complete control over the amount and rate of change that we can personally invoke in our lives, we can turn our world into whatever we want, whenever we want. The “Why should I change if he doesn’t change” attitude is pointless and outdated. Though it works in a world where human competition is meaningful, it loses relevance when our very existence is threatened.