Plants have always been the primary source of healing substances for humankind. Ancient shamans inherited a wealth of knowledge about plants and their medicinal uses from their forefathers whereas pharmaceutical companies systematically study and test plants for new drug development programs. To this day plants are responsible for far more beneficial drugs than man-made synthetics.

Plants clearly have a unique physical nature, which we (and other living beings) depend upon: for food and nourishment, for important material and chemical components (for building and clothing needs) and for powerful medicinal properties and healing powers. Beyond these obvious applications a deeper appreciation of the power of plants is arising. As we increase our understanding of the holistic, irreducible nature of the universe and all living systems, it is indisputable that plant life functions on many sophisticated and subtle levels.

Plants are sentient beings. Plants demonstrate consciousness; they feel and move; they constantly respond to the surrounding environment. Sensitive experiments dating from the 1920’s showed that plants possess a nervous system. Polygraphs have demonstrated that plants respond to human thought and speech. These “simpler” forms possess a life force and this has important implications for us. Plants and people share in the divinity of the grand design of nature.

Healing Flower Essences

One of the most famous and respected names associated with the unique use of plants in healing is Dr. Edward Bach of England (1886 – 1936). Edward Bach discovered that certain flowering plants are able to alleviate human emotional and physical problems. Bach learned to extract the essence or vibratory imprint from particular flowers and to transfer this energy imprint into pure water, which is then ingested orally or placed sublingually. These nonmaterial essences function as vibrational medicine—healing energy. The flower essences work on the multidimensional mind-body-spirit being. Each healing flower offers unique benefits to an individual. Eventually Bach identified and prepared 38 healing flower remedies. Long before Bach, ancient tribes in South America similarly found native flowers useful for soothing physical, emotional and psychological illnesses.

The flower essences work to balance, unblock and harmonize the various subtle and fine energy systems of the body-mind-spirit being. They are gentle but effective in helping a willing person bring about change and heal himself. Two examples of Healing Flower Essences are:

  • Clematis flower –  known as the reality flower essence, Clematis is the remedy for those who live in a dreamy, not-fully-awake and alert state
  • Mimulus – for those who suffer from anxiety or excessive worry the Mimulus is known as the “Bravery Flower,” which helps those with fears of illness, pain, accidents, poverty, loneliness and misfortunes

Flower essences and sound

An exciting new development has surfaced in recent years that allows the direct application of the flower essences through sound frequencies, bypassing the physical flower altogether. In this novel approach the same marvelous benefits that many have long enjoyed via the traditional water-borne flower essences can be quickly and effectively bestowed through sound.

Pioneers such Sharry Edwards and Dr. Royal Rife spent their lives studying, measuring and deriving vibrational energies for healing. Eventually sound healers were able to identify exact wavelengths of sound to address specific ailments. The precise mechanisms are not totally understood, but as with other vibrational healing it appears the effect works on a wholistic basis providing benefits to the spirit and the mind of the person, helping one heal oneself. There are emotional benefits that are inseparable from the overall healing process. At the deepest level everything (and everyone) is energy and energy heals most directly!

The benefits of the flower remedies can be passed directly through the use of sound. The author’s work has endeavoured to extend the benefits of the flower essences by composing complete “Healing Flower Music” (symphonies) that employ the sound frequency equivalent of the associated soul flower. The characteristic flower frequency is embedded in a complex musical composition. The listener receives the flower essence energy from this frequency. The frequency need not be loud or isolated; the body is adept at incorporating the subtle frequencies offered. The healing flower essence together with the musical encounter present in the symphony can produce a powerful healing state impacting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies.

The benefits of the Healing Flower Essences have been widely utilized by people since ancient times to gain a gentle emotional lift or helpful resolution. There now exists a total vibrational energy path to the same blessings—listening to the frequency equivalent of the desired flower. Further, by adding specially designed music to the experience even greater advances are possible. Certain people have reported extraordinary results when they simultaneously listened to the flower symphonies and took the flower essences sublingually in the traditional manner.

The transformation of sentient plant energy to pure vibrational energy (both available for uplifting the human spirit) is yet another demonstration that all living entities and all energies are one in the grand design. For our part we need to care for and preserve nature; enjoy the bounty of a simple wildflower to help fill your deepest emotional needs.

This article was reposted from E.P.I.C. Conscious Living Magazine published in Durango, Colorado. Jill Mattson has spent the past 20 years researching Vibratory Sound Energy for healing She specializes in Sound Secrets of Ancient Civilizations. Mattson composes and produces her own CD’s, employing unique sound healing techniques, energies and her original musical score.,
image: flowers via Shutterstock