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Both a way of life and spiritual healing art, attunement is a state of consciousness in which specific techniques are used to let the current of life flow freely. Living in attunement provides a basis for understanding life, and our part in it, more clearly. As a vibrational healing art, it is often compared to reiki. In attunement the endocrine glands are used as gateways to receive particular qualities of Spirit into the energy field of the body to enhance health and well-being. The Mindful Word spoke with Lindell Green, a faculty member at Sunrise Ranch’s Attunement School, about attunement, energy and the intention to bless.

What does attunement mean to you?

Most importantly, attunement is the conscious intention to bless. We’re beings of great power and possibility. We all have this great power and possibility within us, but from birth we’ve come to trust what we see, hear, taste, smell and feel as being the only things that are real. So we have deeply ingrained ways of seeing the world when in reality the unseen is far vaster than what we see in tangible ways.

The ability to bless through the technique of attunement—and certainly other techniques as well—involves trusting more at the levels of perception, which expands the personal definition of intent.

What do you mean by intention to bless?

Two factors at work. First, my starting point for every attunement is to be as much of a blessing to this person as possible. A step in that blessing is to offer them a new experience in feeling and thought that provides relaxation in a new way, which encourages their own internal processes to come to a greater understanding.

Most of us live in a world that is almost totally influenced by mental and feeling perceptions of what is real and what isn’t with a great deal of limitation from our upbringing and the kind of world we live in. Attunement invites us to a new level of relaxation, which can open up the possibilities for our inner spirit to have a greater impact upon our experience in life. The more open the person the greater the impact towards their new experience of understanding.

Second, the ability to bring to this person and myself a clear consciousness about what I’m about and that I’m not trying to manipulate them or force any certain outcome, but simply to provide an atmosphere that invites a new relaxation and a new perception of the world that they haven’t perceived before.

My answer so far has been in the realm of the invisible. The other question is, what if I’ve got a sore knee or what if I’ve just had surgery on my gall bladder, which is often the case when people come for an attunement. My answer to that part goes back to how I answered the first part.

As an attunement server I’m not a healer. My experience is that all healing comes from within the individual and there is inherent within the individual a god presence, a Spirit that is very capable of providing all necessary healing.

Are you sending energy in attunement?

Yes. The process of attunement has mechanical techniques. If we’re right-handed, our radiant hand is usually our right hand. So if we’re working with the adrenal glands, for example, attunement will include a conscious intention of positive radiation to the adrenals through the contact points and to the other hand, the receiving hand. One of the contact points that the left hand would be connected to in a non-touch way is in the shoulder.

It’s a full cycle. It’s not just that I’m going to radiate into that sore knee until it gets better. That’s not the point. It’s about setting up a cycle of energetic movement—radiating in, receiving out—which is the agent for healing.

Can it release energy blockages?

It directly depends on the consciousness of the person, which depends on the person coming to inner stillness. We must learn to bring ourselves into stillness for some part of our lives. The way the world is it’s not possible for many of us to spend days at a time in that place. But to me it’s a fundamental aspect of expanding consciousness because within that stillness is a trust in knowing that spirit is at work. And spirit always brings the best. Always. So to whatever degree a person has come to that place of realization, the possibilities are heightened. The fact that that realization may be rather new to a person still does not limit what is at work. But one’s experience of it is affected.

Can you explain the attractive powers of attunement?            

Since most of us have been born into a life where the focus is predominantly in the phenomenal world, we’re not open to seeing and experiencing non-physical things. Often, these things go right past us.

Attunement is not just some event that we initiate. The ultimate reality is that attunement is always present, everywhere. In that place of attunement magical things can happen a thousand times a day. It’s  the way things are meant to be. Because inherent in life/spirit is an attractive force that brings us together for there to be an experience of magic and miracles every day.

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