Last Updated: November 7th, 2018

From flooding in Thailand to record snowfall in Alaska to droughts in Texas to hurricanes vicious enough to destroy major sections of cities, the weather has become increasingly imbalanced and extreme. So what really is going on with the weather? Has Mother Nature lost her sense of fair play or simply gone wild?

Cause of global warming

Many environmentalists and scientists put the finger on global warming and the greenhouse effect, in which the sun’s heat is trapped in the atmosphere by various greenhouse gases, mainly carbon emitted by industry and coal-fired power plants. Some meteorologists point to ocean currents in the Pacific—El Nino (warm) and La Nina (cool)—that trigger atmospheric disturbances capable of displacing the jet stream. The result can be flooding in South America and drought in Southeast Asia.

Some scientists and politicians still deny global warming and insist that the climate change we’re observing is entirely the product of natural cycles or evidence of an impending ice age. This despite the massive melting of arctic ice and the gradual disappearance of glaciers around the world. Can anyone seriously believe that the staggering amount of carbon dioxide we pump into the air every year from power plants, automobiles, airplanes and many other sources has little or no effect on the atmosphere and climate of this planet?

The underlying cause of global warming

So while a growing number of scientists now embrace the basic mechanism of global warming, the jury still seems to be out on the extent to which it is responsible for currently observed climate changes. And while ocean currents undoubtedly do affect wind and cloud patterns on land, what accounts for the fluctuations in these currents? In short, what is the underlying cause of these and all the other physical phenomena associated with global weather?

It’s customary to dismiss all destructive weather-related events as “acts of God.” But why would a supposedly beneficent being be interested in dishing out such suffering to human beings, not to mention the torment visited upon the planet? So are we to conclude that violent weather is purely random with essentially no underlying cause? I believe there is a cause, and whenever there is violence of any kind on earth, it can always ultimately be traced back to one source:  human beings.

For example, earthquakes reflect major shifts in the structured patterns of thought held in human consciousness. They are destructive because human beings generally won’t release their rigid ideological and religious mindsets until the tension along the brain’s fault lines becomes overwhelming. Tornadoes and volcanic eruptions mirror the turbulent emotions in human consciousness—the irrepressible spasms of jealousy, resentment and ethnic hatred that frequently explode in wanton violence and murder. Floods represent human thought run amok; the truth (water) is so diluted by human interpretations and distortions that it overflows the banks of natural control and design. Widening temperature, wind and precipitation extremes mirror the extreme length to which human beings increasingly go to get what they imagine they want. Drought and searing heat reflect the intensifying power of love (fire) as the Earth moves into a celestial context in which the impurities in human consciousness are burned away. In other words, there are no destructive “acts of God,” just the resistance and senseless acts of human beings out of alignment with universal law and purpose. We impose our own violence on nature, then complain about it!

Human emotional climate

Seeing that weather climate is a product of human emotional climate, it follows that climate change requires a change in the climate of human consciousness. Clearing clouds in the sky requires clearing clouds (conditioning) in my inner sky. Calming global atmospheric disturbance involves discovering and abiding in the great calm within me, letting the atmosphere of my expression convey peace into the world.

You and I are custodians of the Earth, including nature and the weather. As a school custodian for ten years I realized how important it is to maintain a clear and life-enhancing atmosphere in the school, not just good air ventilation but good vibrational ventilation, and much of this had to do with the quality of atmosphere in my own consciousness. The Earth, one might say, is our school building and our custodial responsibility requires the consistent expression of the highest and finest qualities of character to sustain and elevate the atmosphere in this “school of living.”

Changing human consciousness

The sun is currently at what is called “solar max.” Some very strong solar flares have recently been observed and some have impacted satellite transmissions and other communications systems on Earth. Could these coronal ejections be the sun’s attempt to tap us on the shoulder and urge us to defrost the rigid structures and otherwise change the climate in human consciousness so that the Earth’s climate is brought back into harmony with the universal order?

It has been said that “the Earth is reserved unto fire.” This could be the equivalent of hellfire in which global warming turns the planet into another Venus where greenhouse gases have raised surface temperatures to nine hundred degrees. Or if human beings cast off ego identity in favour of identity with the creative fire of divine love at every person’s core, then the possibility exists for the Earth to be returned to the beautiful, pristine garden it was created to be. The choice is ours.

image: global warming via Shutterstock