Psychological & Spiritual Therapy column

Psychology & Spiritual Therapy column - Q&A with Jack Surguy

Many, if not all of us, have at one time or another felt the need to speak to someone—a qualified someone—who we felt could actually help us gain insight into our problems, give us ways of recognizing the behaviour that causes them, and the skills to deal with them. In our Psychological & Spiritual Therapy column, therapist Jack Surguy is offering professional advice free to The Mindful Word readers for all those questions and problems you have wanted to discuss with someone qualified and caring.

If you would like Jack to assist you in any areas of your life and relationships, fill out this form. If your question is selected for publication he will respond to your questions through this column, published biweekly on Tuesdays.


Jack has spent years studying and practicing mindfulness meditation and finding ways to effectively implement the teachings and practices into his therapeutic intervention philosophy. Within his therapeutic practice, he often combines spiritual practices with therapeutic interventions. His main area of practice focuses on the effects of trauma and childhood maltreatment on overall psychological/ emotional and spiritual functioning. He currently works in a facility that specializes in treating traumatized adolescents and families.

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