Locked in Thought

My Dear,
All I want is your happiness,
I want to see you smile.
I’ve watched for years behind these bars,
and I’ve waited patiently for you.
You’ve visited on occasion
and you’ve written many times,
I know in time, you’ll find a way
to free me from this cell.
You’ve looked for me in nature,
and at the bottom of a bottle.
I know one day you’ll see the truth,
the mind has been your jail.

Compassion Is a Fire

Darling, I’m here for you,
and I’ll never go away.
I’m here to listen to you cry,
and wipe your tears away.
I’ll be here when you’re hurting,
and I’ll share in all your joys.
My Dear, I’ll be your hand to hold,
and I’ll hold your gaze in mine.
Compassion is a fire,
and it burns to serve your soul.
But first I’ll listen to your hurt,
and I’ll let you be yourself.

Learn to Love

Two Flames,
One Heart.
Two Names,
One Soul.
Since Birth,
They’ve Searched.
Through Pain,
They Grew.
In Love.
Till Death,
and Dust.
With Hand in Hand,
They Learn to Love.

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image: Pexels