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I’ve been dreaming of family members who’ve been dead for a long time, from my parents and grandparents to uncles I barely knew. In one, my grandmother is cooking; in another, there was a family reunion at which I could hear all the live people, but see only the dead people.

This has been happening for about a week now and it’s starting to bother me. I even cooked the meal my grandmother was cooking in the dream to try and get them to stop.

Some people were in the dreams who are in fact dead, but I didn’t even know as we weren’t really close and I don’t have contact with my family anymore (most of those closest to me are dead).


DREAMER: Male, 47, United States


Family members — known, familiar aspects of the dreamer

Grandmother — Superconscious aspect of the dreamer

Meal/Food — knowledge


Hello Roy,

Thank you for sharing your dream. It’s a very interesting dream, as it can be interpreted on two levels. One level would be to treat this dream as a regular dream and another would be to see it as a visitation dream.

In a regular dream, everyone in the dream is there to symbolize an aspect of you, the dreamer. Those that have passed on symbolize aspects from the past which have undergone a major change or transition.

If we were to treat it as a visitation dream, we’d see this dream as a means of communication between you and those who’ve moved on to “the other side.”

Metaphysically speaking, when we die, the only part of us that dies is the physical body. The essence of us, the “I am,” continues on. So communication with those who’ve died through dreams or inner mind experiences is very common and many people experience it.

One way to distinguish whether a dream is a true visitation dream is to pay attention to the way in which the people in the dream communicate with the dreamer. In visitation dreams, the communication is mind-to-mind; there are no physical words exchanged. Those who’ve passed on appear in such dreams to relay a message telepathically. The message might be as simple as, “know that I’m here with/for you, that you’re loved.”

Since, in your dream, you were having a family reunion and saw your grandmother cooking food, I’d say that this was a non-visitation dream. However, you as the dreamer have the last say on the final interpretation of your dream.


If this were my dream, I’d rejoice. The dream speaks to you being very connected with your inner Self, your inner Subconscious Mind. There are ways in which you’re evaluating your life and looking at ways in which you’ve changed and transformed.

Perhaps you could make a list of how different you are now compared to a year ago or even five to ten years back. By any chance, did you undergo a major transition right before you started having these dreams? In your waking life, have you been recognizing all the changes that you’ve recently gone through?

Should you have the desire to further tune into connecting with those who’ve passed on, I’d suggest looking at ways in which you can still your mind via concentration and meditation. A still mind allows for the intuition to be fully activated and for the inner senses to be set into motion.

There’s nothing to fear. Ours is the mind to control.

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

image: Grandma by Kyrre Gjerstad via Flickr 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)