Last Updated: April 9th, 2019

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Hi Aneta,

I had a dream that I think is trying to tell me something. Can you please interpret it? This dream is pretty important to me.

My dream started with me looking at myself in a very tall mirror.  After that, I was walking on a soil path and the background was just black and empty. I helped someone along the way; they thanked me and I smiled. I was on my way again and then some voice said, “I never know my own condition.”

I was surprised by this a little, but kept walking. After that, I got to my destination, although I didn’t know what my destination was. I was in a white room, a pure white room with not much furniture in it, I think. In the dream I was apathetic like I am in real life.

Can you please, please help me?



Mirror — a tool for self-reflection

Path — direction in life

Black emptiness — unproductive space in the mind of the dreamer

Someone — unknown aspect of the dreamer

White room — a place of awareness in the mind of the dreamer



Your dream is a direct reflection of your state of mind. In general, every dream speaks to the perceptions of the dreamer, rather than the literal physical circumstances of the dreamer.

The mirror in your dream symbolizes a tool of self-reflection. It points out the fact that you’re engaging in the process of looking at yourself. The mirror is tall, which signifies that you’re very open to examining yourself on a deeper level.

The path signifies your “path in life.” Its background being black speaks to you leaving behind some kind of emptiness, a place in your own mind that’s not productive.

The person you helped is an aspect of you. In the dream you recognized that a part of you needed some sort of help and you responded to it.

The voice is the voice of your subconscious mind, communicating your own realization that there’s some passivity currently present in your life.

The white room, the destination, is the place in your own mind where you have much more awareness about your own state of being. Awareness is the key to moving forward. This connects with your own comment about being apathetic in your own life.


This dream is a great example of deep self-reflection and inner realization about your own state of being—a movement from unknown, unproductive ways of being towards awareness.

If it were my dream, I would examine my life and determine where the current apathy comes from. Is it job dissatisfaction, for example? There are ways in which you’re currently looking at your life that reflect some kind of disillusionment, dissatisfaction.

What brings you joy? Are there small ways in which you could, every day, move yourself towards more awareness and lightness of being, and therefore experience more joy? Perhaps you could journal about it. You could look at earlier years of your life and recognize what brought you fulfillment back then. Upon completing the analysis, you could then create a vision board, a collage of images of what you think would bring you fulfillment and joy going forward.

The key here is to direct your mind towards what you’re wanting to create and experience in your life.

May your dreams illuminate the inner you

image: white room 020 by Jimmy Rowland via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)