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I keep dreaming that I’m singing with famous people onstage. For example, I’m often performing with the Bee Gees.

I’m a singer myself who isn’t a “big star,” but that’s OK with me, even though I want to be a huge star.

– Coco

DREAMER: Male, 52, Australia


Singing — harmony

Famous People — imaginative aspects of the dreamer

Stage — imaginative frame of mind


Hello, Coco,

Thank you for sharing your upbeat dream.

Anything related to music in a dream symbolizes harmony. What is harmony? It’s our ability to harmonize (or unify) both our inner and outer circumstances. It’s our ability to respond to life rather than react.

Famous people, whether they’re singers, actors or writers, symbolize imaginative aspects of the dreamer. Whenever we admire a famous person, this is most probably because they possess a quality we want to embody within ourselves. In other words, they express a characteristic that we can imagine emulating and building within ourselves.

We also have the stage, which, in the Universal Language of Mind, signifies the dreamer’s imaginative frame of mind.

To tie the interpretation all together, your dream is reflecting the fact that you’re harmonizing with the imaginative aspects of yourself. This means that you are, more and more, “seeing” yourself exuding the qualities you admire in the famous performers that appear in your dream.


Your dream is a confirmation that whatever you were doing with your mind, a day or two prior to having this dream, was in alignment with your inner desires. You were listening to your deepest wishes and dreams and moving towards accomplishing them.

Keep nurturing such approaches and this conscious attitude as much as possible. As you continue to do so, your dreams will become your actual reality.

Imagination plays a crucial role in fulfilling our desires. It’s through the use of imagination that we bring about the manifestation of our deepest dreams. It’s through holding clear images of what we want in our imagination and consistently shining the light of our attention onto those desires that we’re able to receive their fulfillment in the physical reality.

If this were my dream, Coco, I’d create a vision board of my deepest desires related to my singing career or my overall fulfillment as an artist/performer. Here are basic instructions on how to create one and use it:

  • Gather pictures and quotes that best represent what you desire for yourself.
  • Create a collage with those pictures and quotes and place the vision board in a place where you can look at it every day, for a minimum of 10 minutes.
  • While looking at the board, add emotions to the process. Feel the excitement and joy of accomplishing your deepest desires.

As you move through your day, trust and know that your dreams are coming to pass. Don’t bother figuring out how they’ll come to pass, just know that what you desire is coming your way. That’s how we become creators of our own lives!

May your dreams illuminate the inner and outer you…

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