Last Updated: January 27th, 2019

As we move further into a new year we may be thinking about making our homes “new” by doing some deep cleaning. But just as a house needs an occasional cleaning, it can also need a clearing.

Why clear a house?

People who are moving into a home may want to clear the energy in their new space as a symbol of starting fresh. They also might want to bless their space to honour their intentions of hope, love and prosperity. Then any energy that they bring into their new home is their own creation and not something that was left behind.

Another reason the occupants might want a house clearing is if they experience feelings of uneasiness or anxiety for which they can find no rational explanation. This may be due to residual negative energy that was left behind from the heightened emotions of the previous owners who endured something like a foreclosure or some other traumatic event that happened at some point.

Still others may feel that they are sharing their home with unwanted guests of the spirit realm. Occasionally this is true, but many times there are other explanations for their feelings or experiences. A house clearing can bring them peace of mind.

House clearings are very individual in nature. A house clearing and blessing to clear old energy and bring in new positive energy is very straightforward. If the clearing and blessing is for reasons other than those stated above, however, more information needs to be gathered from the homeowners. How long have they been feeling the uneasiness and is it associated with an event in their lives? Are they having difficulty sleeping? Are they sensitive to high electromagnetic fields?

If the owner of the home or business suspects possible haunting, information gathering is important prior to a clearing and blessing of the location. Is there any history of a tragic nature associated with the building or home? Even if there was no specific event at this location, is there history of a tragic event in close proximity? Is there a pattern to the activity? For example, footsteps might be heard every day at approximately the same time. If it is visual, does the entity seem aware that you are there or does it just move through the room? Are there objects that remain from previous occupants or have antiques or items purchased from a second hand store been brought into the space? How long has the activity been occurring and is the activity intensifying? Do these events always occur with a specific individual present? If it’s determined that you have a true haunting situation, make sure that the person you’ve hired is familiar with how to cross the spirit or remove it from this location.

Fixing the problems

It’s the job of the individual performing the clearing to assist the homeowner in finding the root of the problem. This sometimes requires bringing in special equipment designed to detect electromagnetic fields that can be given off by water pipes, exposed or old wiring, electrical outlets, computers, appliances, phones and electric clocks.

If the difficulty results from electromagnetic fields, the fix may be a practical one. Water pipes and wiring can be covered. Occasionally, if the wiring is very old it may have to be replaced by an electrician in order to resolve the problem. Bedrooms are prone to high electromagnetic fields due to the aforementioned clocks, phones, televisions or computers. In many cases, it is impossible to remove all man-made electromagnetic pollution, but simple changes in the placement of these items can tremendously reduce the level of pollution and facilitate a good night’s sleep.

What to look for in a house clearer

When choosing someone to clear your space, ask questions and make sure you’re comfortable with their methods. Some of the more frequently used methods include burning sage to clear and raise the energy, sprinkling blessed water and stating intentions and blessings. Whatever method is used, once the space is cleared, it’s important that new positive energy is brought in to replace the old energy. Many house clearers also place protection around the home or business to seal the entrances and exits through stated intentions to prevent unwanted energy or entities from entering.

Just as a deep house cleaning is not limited to any particular season, neither is a clearing. Any time is a good time for a little house clearing and blessing to raise the positive energy in your environment. Who couldn’t use a little of that?

Karen Richards is a lifelong psychic/medium who provides insights and spiritual coaching to her clients. In addition, she performs house clearings and blessings, conducts Reiki healing sessions, teaches intuition classes and leads a local paranormal investigation group. Karen can be reached through her website: The Medium Next Door.Hou