This tip is something I haven’t really read about anywhere (but my usual disclaimer… I haven’t read everything) and comes from my own experience. At times there are moments when the mind will be inclined towards silence. If you notice these periods and ride them they can be some of the deepest, peaceful and most stable meditations you’ll have. In these meditations the mind will incline to the silence and stillness and rest there almost effortlessly, or it will incline more easily to deeper states of meditation (than you are used to).  Learning to pick these times is the trick, and that in itself requires being mindful of your current state of mind.

I’d liken it to surfing and catching a wave. If you’re mindfully watching the ocean you can see the rise and fall of it. Sometimes the waves are up and sometimes down. If you keep watching, eventually you’ll see it swell up bigger than usual and then you starting paddling to catch it.

How to apply this

About every few days or every week you’ll notice a period where everything starts to feel more still and quiet. You have an internal inclination to want to be quiet. It’s not thinking “I want some peace and quiet,” which is just a desire. Instead, I’m referring to a natural flux of your state of being towards silence. I’ve noticed I can have these inclinations after a busy period. Entering into a quiet period your mind will also quiet down. As it winds down it has a sense of momentum towards silence, if you meditate at this time it is this momentum of the mind that propels into deeper states of meditation.

As that inclination starts there will be noticeable effects if you pay attention to them. An internal sense of calm will come over you, and thoughts themselves will quiet down. You’ll seek out quieter locations or prefer less noise (again not through desire but through natural inclination). I notice an internal stillness within me that happens without even trying. I just feel quieter.

If you notice this feeling and this trend of internal calming take the opportunity to go and meditate. You’ll find the mind very quickly settles into a deep meditation and you’ll be able to enter into deep states of mindfulness that last for extended periods with minimal effort.

I should add here, you aren’t trying to make this happen and you shouldn’t be trying to achieve these states as if they are something to attain. Meditation cannot be a forced thing, and it should not be a goal thing. All I’m stating is that if you notice it, go with it. Get out your meditation mat and ride the wave.

That said, I have this inclination tonight so I’m going to sign off and go and meditate.

Does anyone else have any experiences of this?  I’d be interested to hear your comments.

Jagaro is a Buddhist meditation and mindfulness teacher in Helensburgh, Australia whose name means “one who is awake and mindful.” Republished from
image: osmar01