Inspired Action Planner & Journal

Inspired Action Planner & Journal

ISBN: 978-1773800622

Paperback, 198 pages

September 2018


This 198-page day planner and agenda organizes your life while inspiring you with actions you can take to make a better world.

Measuring 6 x 9 inches, Inspired Action is a compact daily planner that you can take on the go. The 365-day agenda provides ample room to write down hourly appointments and reminders. The prompts and journaling space offer ideas and actions to bring a little more kindness into the world.

This book features:

» A 365-day agenda
» Prompts for daily acts of kindness, environmental sustainability and social justice
» An hourly appointment planner
» A 12-month undated calendar
» Space for daily reflection
» A section for notes and thoughts
» 6 x 9 inches (portable-sized day planner)

How to Use This Day Planner:

Plan how you’ll make a difference as you plan your life. Inspired Action works as your personal organizer, giving you an hourly agenda, note-taking space and a place to write your reflections, goals, tasks and ideas. It prompts you to take one small action every day to change the world for the better and to reflect on the amazing work you do each day.

Everyone wants to make a difference, but it’s often difficult to know where to start. Inspired Action is for anyone who cares about environmental sustainability, social justice, kindness and mindfulness. Each day this inspirational agenda gives you one simple action you can take towards creating a kinder, greener, better world. These are practical ideas for home, the workplace, online and in the wider world. Small and large, these actions have a big impact on the people you love most, the people you know, the strangers you meet, the people who share the earth and the people who will share it one day. Get engaged and get inspired!

Looking for gift ideas? this book is great for special occasions like these:

» Christmas gift or other holiday
» Back to school
» Anniversary gift
» Birthday gift
» Thank you gift
» Gift for brother, sister, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, boss or coworker
» Mother’s day gift
» Father’s day gift
» Teacher gift
» Housewarming gift
» Going away present

Ten percent of book sales go towards enabling youth in developing countries to access better educational opportunities. This money is being donated to Build to Learn, an initiative started by The Mindful Word.