CHARON’S CROSS: A story by Robert Goodman

The ferryman stepped off the dock and looked upwards over the low-rising hills.The flow of passengers had abruptly stopped in the mid-afternoon. When he’d returned from his last journey to the distant shore, it was unearthly quiet as he docked his boat back at the point of embarkment.He’d seen moments like this before...when the platform was devoid of souls and he'd have a...
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CONVERSATIONS WITH WILL: Fiction by Ronald C. Paxton

Will Tucker glanced at the exam booklet that the teacher placed on his desk. The room was thick with tension as the 20 students in Garrett Faulkner's American history class waited to begin their final exam for the fall semester.Shenandoah County Preparatory Academy was a charter school and most of the students...


Millions of years ago Breakheart Woods, between Saugus and Wakefield in Massachusetts, had been bookmarked by boulders and earthly cataclysm, and to this day, somewhere in its innards from those first struggles of granite and earth fire, from violent fractures and upheavals to be known again only at the end of it all, was a cave, a cave as dark as a...

HOPSCOTCH: A story by Chris Castle

They climbed on top of the hill and laid out the blanket. Annie put down her bag then pulled out the glasses and bottles. Sarah looked down and saw the school, the bulldozers at the gates. Everything was still now and they couldn’t see any of the people moving yet.“They don’t start until 6 p.m. I think the headmaster’s making a speech for the...
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UNSOCIAL MEDIA: A story by Carl Scharwath

The rear-view mirror held a nighttime fireworks display. A blast of red followed by two white-hot flashes ensured a traffic ticket and photo in six weeks. William, in haste and late to his first date with Cindy, was sending a text and rushed through a red light. Time wouldn’t be kind tonight; however, the evening had embraced a kismet, and still afforded new opportunities.
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ROOM FOR TWO: A story by Ronald C. Paxton

John Howard spotted the boy as soon as he and Emma came out of the movie theatre. The child was wearing a filthy, ragged tee-shirt that was several sizes too big, khaki shorts with enough holes for John to glimpse the boy's underwear, and tennis shoes. He was slightly built and appeared to be covered in several layers of grime. "Do you know that boy, sweetie?" John Howard asked his 5-year-old daughter....