Goddess Energy

she is secure.
in her sense of self.
confidence adorns her
in its delicate veil
of poise.
she is charming.
all who cross her path.
distanced from the
false perceptions
of naive minds.
she is unafraid.
from chains of the past.
equipped to fight
any and every battle
that comes her way.
she is fierce.
in her approach.
she fears nothing.
for she has slain dragons
one could only imagine.

On Death

your death is inevitable, so why do you fear it?
perhaps the ticking clock alludes your existence is ephemeral…
bound by your first and last breath.
could there be more?


seek the answers within, and you will surely see.
your existence is no mere coincidence,
but a divinely arranged miracle.
how should you live it?


explore the innermost quests of your soul.
you’ll find each road leads home to a changeless truth.
each breath may be numbered, but your being is eternal.
what is your purpose?


Overpower the Night With Your Light

thank each challenge
that comes your way.
for it is not a hindrance,
but a positive opportunity
to enhance your endurance
and destroy your inner barriers.
greet each trial
with a cheerful smile.
laugh at its qualms,
and defeat its deprecation.
for darkness cannot remain
where there is light.

To Be Alone

alone, but not lonely
she bathes in her solitude
flowing with the stream of her soul
in the river of peace, she is renewed

she dances with the rhythm of the night
and breathes in the light of the day
balanced in the essence of her being
fulfilled through days of sun and grey

alone, but not lonely
she is open, she is clear
she does not beg, she does not plead
and never waits for a saviour to appear

she is her own hero, her own muse
secure in the company of her silence
healing her wounds with gentleness
the lure of her soul, her only guidance

You Are Not Your Mind

do not believe all thoughts
that invade your mind.
for the ego knows not
the form of your soul.
your mind may tell stories,
most of which are untrue.
do not fear its silly tales,
but question its perception.
unravel the tangled threads
of your twisted mentality.
separating from the you
who fears.
stepping into the you
who loves.

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image: Pixabay