Are you familiar with the Law of Observation? Very simply, it states that what I see you as is what you become while you’re around me.

Quantum physicists found that they could take an electron from one atom and place it in Mexico, and take an electron from another atom and place it in Singapore, and when they changed the spin of the electron in Mexico, the electron in Singapore would also instantaneously change its spin.

Even more remarkably, the physicists discovered that a collection of people observing the behaviour of a single electron simultaneously observed different behaviour. Some observed the electron spinning horizontally, while others observed it spinning vertically or on a diagonal axis, and so on.

From this, they discovered that the expectations of the observer affected the behaviour of the electron. It would spin according to the expectations of the viewer. If the viewer changed their expectations of the electron’s behavior, then the electron would instantaneously adjust its behaviour to conform to the change of expectation.

Why does this matter?

Little girl in fancy dress smelling flower - The law of observationIt matters because it indicates that how I perceive you is how you’ll become when you’re around me. And if you’re around me long enough, you’ll form a habit of being what I perceive you to be.

The same is true of people who spend time in your company: how you perceive them is how they’ll act when they’re around you. And if they’re around you long enough, they’ll form a habit of being what you perceive them to be.

Just the other day, I overheard my two-year-old daughter whisper to herself, “I beautiful.” I was undone with gratitude to have witnessed her self-affirmation.

As a child, my nickname was fea. It means “ugly” in Spanish. Against this destructive pronouncement, I’ve committed myself to repeating affirming observations aloud to my children. I call my son prince, because he is. I call my daughter princess, because she is. I’ve been warned against inflated egos. Nonetheless, I persist.

Life will mercilessly expose my son and daughter to denigrating messages that challenge their self-concept, self-perception, self-worth, self-image and self-love. My job, in the time between now and then, is to fortify them with the truth of who they are and the promise that they’ll be able to weather any future storm.

Focusing on the future

When people believe they have a future, a whole lot of problems get solved. When you help people see their future, you help solve a whole lot of problems. It’s as simple as looking at them.

You can alter the course of someone’s life by how you observe them and the expectations you carry for them. Try asking yourself the following questions:

  • How do you perceive your spouse?
  • How do you perceive your children?
  • How do you perceive your coworkers?
  • How do you perceive yourself?

In short, how you perceive yourself, you’ll become. How you perceive your loved ones, they’ll become.

It’s imperative that we observe the people around us (and ourselves) in light of where Destiny is taking them, not in light of where they are today.

For this reason, it’s imperative that we observe the people around us (and ourselves) in light of where Destiny is taking them, not in light of where they are today. We want to help our friends and loved ones reach their future and fulfill their purpose.

I should warn you, there’s a drawback to being so farsighted. Once we commit to seeing those around us in light of who they’re becoming, we run the risk of losing sight of present-day issues. With our focus set so far down the road, we may fail to see situations going on in the here and now that need to be addressed. That’s the downside of observing people in light of their destiny.

Still, it’s worth it!

However you’re a leader—as a parent, as a spouse, as a manager, as a teacher, as a sister, as a brother, as a friend, as a therapist, as an employer—you need to be able to lead with an end in view that’s greater than the present-day issues you face. The best way to do that is by focusing on people as they are in light of Destiny.

The power of observation, the law of observation, is vitally important!


Well, because how Destiny sees you is how you’ll become. In this way, you’re seen in light of who you’re becoming, not who you are today.

Are you living your destined life?

Sunny walking path through trees - The law of observationDo you see yourself in light of who you’re becoming, or in light of how you’ve been observed by others? Are you living your destined life, or are you living out someone else’s expectations of you?

Perhaps, as with me, someone spoke persuasive lies over you. They voiced a flawed observation, and you’ve been shackled with the burden of that pronouncement ever since. If that’s the case, it’s time to break it.

You carry absolute authority over yourself. Your voice is the command centre for your entire being. If someone has observed you to be ugly, then it’s time you reply aloud with, “I refuse to believe that I’m ugly. I was crafted in the light of Heaven. It’s absolutely impossible for me to be ugly.”

If someone has observed you to be stupid, then it’s time that you reply aloud with, “I refuse to believe that I’m stupid. I was fashioned in the presence of wisdom and perfection by the hand of Heaven”.

If someone has observed you as being bound for the same fate as your parent, then it’s time you reply aloud with, “I refuse to believe that what happened to them will happen to me. I’ll live a long, good, satisfying life. I’ve been created for a purpose and I have a destiny to fulfill.”

Whatever marred observation has been made of you, it’s time that you break it.

What lie are you believing about yourself? Get rid of it!

Break it! Leave it behind and walk on into your glorious future.

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image 1: Pixabay; image 2: Courtney Carmody