Not Like This

Take me,
Back when it was easy,
Water and wind.
You and me.
Lead me,
When doors were open,
Hearts were heard,
Words were spoken.
Love me,
When that’s all you knew,
And not like this,
When I regret I love you.


To seek His ways and not mine,
To take only what He has given.
To always have faith and never worry,
To see with my eyes and mind open,
To think that each day is enough,
For troubles that had my heart taken,
For life is more than needs and wants.
It is temporary, and ever-changing.

Sad Goodbye

As flowers bloom in season,
and wither away,
Clouds shed their tears,
My deep love has gone away.
You loved me for who I was,
And carried me through.
All those memories we spent,
I never said “I love you.”
And now, you’re gone away,
Tears fall from my eyes,
You left me with no hope but
Just a sad goodbye.

What Happened Next?

A higher ground
She wished to see,
Far beyond the distant shores.
Wings beneath,
Once had flown,
As high as eagles soared.
Skill and strength
She’d known before,
No longer to recall.
Heart was fixed,
Mind unshaken,
Not afraid to fall.
She took a step
Towards the ledge,
No hesitations in her head.
The fear of not trying
Conquered her,
Embraced courage instead.
As the north wind blew
She took a breath,
Spread her wings and let go,
Struggled a while,
Kept her balance,
And she began to soar.
No one knew
What happened next.
Some say she reached the sea,
Some asked what was so special,
How difficult can it be?
Birds were meant to fly,
As flowers were meant to bloom,
We were only expected to try,
And to tell is too soon.

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image: Pixabay