The Journey

Spirit body illustration - Poems by Robert Asha

Spirit Body, Hand-drawn digitally coloured image, Archival ink limited edition print, dimensions variable. ©2018 Robert Asha

Not everything
Happens at once
You are an
Which has unfolded
Like the petals
Of a flower
Chasing the wheeling sun
Why should you be different
Than the flowers?
You are made
Of the same earth
Shaped by the same winds
Be easy
In the silence
You will hear what
Your bedecked cousins
Have to teach
Be slow
Take good steps
Be nourished
Take easy breaths
The journey is long
When you have walked
Far enough
Then you will sit
And contemplate
The twists and turns
The highs and lows
And you will see
The shape
The imprints
You made
You will see
It has been a maze
Slowly circling
The center
Around yourself
Like a moth to
The entrancing light
This is the end
The walls dissolve
And you are simply
Fully here
Then you have finally begun
Made whole
Not walking alone
But in stillness
Journeying with everything else
That is whole
The trees
And whales
Your brothers and sisters
Singing a song
Of gratefulness
Because there are
No words
Just notes
There is no learning

The Last Shall Be First

Get to know
Your weakest link
The soft spot
That aches
When you look at it
Full of holes
Filled with purple
The landfill of your spirit
Pay attention
Note these festering
For when you gain the courage
To excavate
To let go
They will be filled with light
And your greatest weakness
Will bloom
Into your greatest strength
Trust this beautiful inversion
The cosmic law
Of green shoots
Thriving from decay

Sneaking Glances

Realms of Light illustration - Poems by Robert Asha

Realms Of Light, Hand-drawn digitally coloured image, Archival ink limited edition print, dimensions variable. ©2018 Robert Asha

All of the people are alone
Sneaking glances at digital clocks
That tell the time but never show how it passes
Their guilt resides in this
I see the sun trace its fingers across the sky
In the slow sweep between this morning and this evening
I contain myself between those tangible differences
The best time is when the light of morning
And the deep shadows of night
Play among the leaves
This makes me think of two beautiful boys
One black and one white
Splashing each other in the dazzling blue Caribbean
And laughing they hug
Their warm drenched skin
Holding a thousand suns trapped in tiny droplets
I rush outside and the wind blows into my lungs
You can’t forget me it says
Like a loyal dog that greets you at the door
I’m yours and I love you
The land is eating the day’s last portion of sun
I stand in awe of how fast it disappears
Like a pink wisp of cotton candy placed into hot water
I close my eyes to trap the last light
Like I hold fireflies in the summer


We change
Whether we
Want to
Or not
The minutes
And days
Slip by like
A river
And you have
A choice
You can be a
Hard rock
Slowly worn
Or you can
Turn to sand
And enter
The river
Becoming it
In your

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Robert Asha is a poet and visionary artist living in the mountains of Northern California (U.S.). He spends part of each year studying Shipibo medicine with his teachers in the Peruvian Amazon. You can find a selection of his writing on Amazon [Robert Asha Author Page] as well as the other major ebook retailers. High-quality, archival prints in limited editions are available through Krowswork Gallery. Please contact for inquiries and a selection of artwork.

The first two poems are excerpted from the poetry and visionary art collection Walk Quietly Beneath The Big Leaves. Copyright ©2018 by Robert Asha. Printed with the author’s permission. The last two poems are previously unpublished and are printed with the author’s permission. ©2018 Robert Asha.

image 1: The Spirit of Love and Light, Hand-drawn digitally coloured image, Archival ink limited edition print, dimensions variable. ©2018 Robert Asha