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Reality mirrors our conscious thoughts and feelings

As an observer, you only witness the world through your own eyes. This is the case from the moment you’re born until your death. Not only are you conscious of what happens around you, you’re also a witness of all the impressions that come at you. These impressions, which are completely subjective, determine in what way you judge the outside world and how you perceive your reality.

In that sense, it’s truly and genuinely your own “objective” reality—since someone else, another observer, would experience the same impressions differently. In short, how you perceive something (or somebody) determines the result of the reality you perceive with your senses.

Indeed: Mind rules Matter.

This is, of course, nothing new or revolutionary. It’s more of a Universal Principle, rather than a discovery. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with a healthy dose of subjective interpretation, like when someone prefers the smell of hyacinths over jasmine. There are also preferences when it comes to tastes, colours and many other things.

But when preference turns into judgment, a Universal Law comes into play, in the way that Nature—your Nature—tells you that a negative, judgmental mindset will have severe consequences and will be mirrored in a corrupted reality.

In other words, destructive thoughts and feelings—judgments in terms of “good” or “bad”—are projected externally in a series of negative worldwide phenomena and work as a mirror for the observer who breaks the Universal Law.

Use meditation to clear mental clutter and recognize Spirit

The outside world is merely a reflection of the inside and, consequently, both are one. Meditation is, in that sense, nothing more than a personal “tool”—a spiritual method, if you will—to eliminate and neutralize all mental clutter, along with transforming and healing the mind into a constructive and divine working device that’ll help an individual grow, develop and learn—ad infinitum.

Moreover, it’s through meditation that the observer comes to understand the true nature of consciousness and learns to discriminate between Mind and Spirit (thoughts and Being). The first thinks, feels and desires, while the latter just is. So it’s the noble task of the one who aspires to Light to eradicate the dark side of their mind and restore the balance of the Self. Then they’ll clearly see that who they really are is nothing more than what was already there, and what was already there is nothing less than the difference between thinking and Being.

In that sense, the famous adagium from René Descartes, “Cogito ergo sum,” becomes “Sum ergo Sum.”

Since being proceeds thinking, Spirit rules Mind while Mind rules Matter. Oneness and connectivity therefore aren’t corny spiritual concepts but rather the essence of our own Being. This can’t be contemplated or thought over because that-what-is can’t be abstracted, let alone thought of in a way in which the mind can apprehend it.

Being (consciousness) is always there. It’s universal, imperishable and never-ending. It’s the Light that shines in every soul, and the cosmic duty of the awakened sinner is to restore it in all its glory. In short, enlightenment is simply the path that leads to immortality and the operative method to reach it is meditation.

“In meditation, the mind learns to be neutral, still and indifferent. In daily life, the mind must learn to practice it.” – unknown

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