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I’m driving my car and it stops in the middle of the road. The road is vast and long. I check the gas gauge and it shows it’s empty. I then leave the car and see that some of the tires are flat. Then I look back and I see a huge wave of water approaching. I see my car fully engulfed in the water. I gasp for air and then I wake up.

– Ana

DREAMER: Female, 42, U.S.


Car — physical body of the dreamer

Road — path in life of the dreamer

Gas — life force/energy of the dreamer

Tires — forward motion

Water — conscious life experience


Hello Ana,

Your dream is an example of a “health dream.” A “health dream” provides an account of the current state of health and well-being of the dreamer.

According to research done by the School of Metaphysics, any time a dreamer’s car appears in the dream, we can assume that the message the dream brings about has to do with the dreamer’s health. If the car operates without any issues and the dreamer is able to reach the desired destination, then the dream reflects the overall good health of the dreamer.

In your dream, however, the car runs out of gas, its tires are flat and it gets engulfed by a wave of water. The gas is symbolic of the life force/energy of the dreamer. The tires refer to the arms and legs of the dreamer and relate to forward motion. The water symbolizes conscious life experience.

To put this all together, as you move forward on your path in life (road), you run out of energy (gas), you feel depleted and aren’t able to move forward (flat tires). You also feel overtaken by your everyday life experiences (wave of water).


A health dream is a great means of prevention. As Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

In general, dreams reflect to us our subconscious state of being that’s yet to be manifested in the physical world. A dream such as yours provides the dreamer with a warning and attempts to direct the dreamer’s attention to taking better care of his/her body and overall state of being.

An important thing to remember is that dreams reflect our own perception of what’s occurring in our waking life. In other words, we might not be facing a real physical danger (getting engulfed by a wave of water), however, due to unresolved past events encoded in our subconscious mind, we might be perceiving a situation as life-threatening. This is important because a “health dream” is not only urging us to take care of our physical body, but also our mental and emotional states of being.

A dream such as yours highlights the need to slow down and re-evaluate not only all the physical activities you’re currently engaging in, but also your state of mind.

If this were my dream, I’d want to make an effort to de-stress, either through meditation, physical exercise or engaging in a hobby I thoroughly enjoy. I’d also re-evaluate all the activities I partake in.

As we heed messages embedded in our dreams, not only can we live more awakened lives, but we might also prevent possible health issues from arising. There’s much to be received when we honour our dreams!

May your dreams illuminate the inner and outer you…

image via Pexels