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Hi Aneta,

I dreamed about my teeth falling out. I’d bite something and feel like they were all shaky—about to fall out.

– Moses

DREAMER: Male, 22, Kenya


Teeth — tools for assimilation of knowledge

Food — knowledge


Hello Moses,

I appreciate you sending in this dream. It’s a very common dream that many dreamers report having a multitude of times throughout their lives.

In our daily lives we use teeth to process food. In the Universal Language of Mind, food symbolizes knowledge and teeth represent any means to process that knowledge.

When we dream about teeth falling out, this signifies that in our daily lives, we feel overwhelmed by all the knowledge we’re receiving. This knowledge can come in the form of education, but it can also include any type of information. It can come from the external world or from our inner realizations.


What we need to remember is that our dreams reflect our perceptions of what’s occurring during our waking lives. Dreams reflect those perceptions from 24 to 48 hours prior to the time we have a certain dream.

Your dream is pointing out a perceived difficulty you had with assimilating all that was coming your way a day or two before. Such dreams are often connected to anxiety, stress and worry.

If this were my dream, I’d reflect on what could stimulate such an inner response of feeling overwhelmed. Some kind of change occurred in your life that stimulated your subconscious mind to deliver you such a dream. When dealing with such situations, it helps to live in the present moment and share your perceptions with a trusted person, asking them for help.

We create our reality. Everything in each of our lives reflects our inner beliefs and attitudes, and everything in life occurs for the purpose of higher learning and the evolution of our consciousness.

Your dream speaks to a significant lesson at hand that you have a chance to overcome at this point in your life. Heed the message in your dream. Explore what might be causing you to feel incapable of handling what life presents you with. Feelings come from our thoughts—your dream is challenging you to upgrade your beliefs and attitudes!

May your dreams illuminate the inner and outer you…

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