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Hi Aneta,

I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately. The latest one I had was about a black mother cat nursing her baby, while the mother was feeding off my blood. She had her teeth so far into my left thumb! I kept trying to get her off my hand, but it was hurting. Finally, I just pulled her off my left thumb and I could feel the pain in my sleep. I also noticed that once I pulled her off my thumb, I could see the inside of that thumb and it looked rotten to me.

– Angel

DREAMER: Male, 29, U.S


Cat — habit

Blood — life purpose

Thumb (hand) — purpose


Hello Angel,

Glad you sent in your dream. Thank you!

The mother cat in your dream represents a habit, and the baby cat represents a developing habit that’s related to the one the “mother cat” represents.

Blood in a dream symbolizes life force. Your dream reflects that these two habits are “living off” of your life force, your life energy.

The cat biting into your thumb is bringing your attention to your left hand. A hand in a dream represents purpose. The fact that the flesh of the thumb is rotten means that the purpose, symbolized by the hand, isn’t being tended to.

Putting it all together: there’s a prevalent habit in your life producing an offspring of itself. This habit is not only using up your vital life energy, but also has no purpose.


Humans are habitual creatures. We like our routines, and very quickly, we can fall prey to quite unproductive habits. Not all habits are bad. Some are very productive, such as cleaning the dishes right after every meal. However, a habit (cat) that’s sucking your blood speaks to ways of being that are, in a sense, stealing your life energy.

What could this habit be? Only you, the dreamer, can answer this question. Although dreams use universal symbols—like animals representing habits—ultimately, it’s up to the dreamer to determine which habit in particular the dream is speaking to. The first thought that comes to mind in such cases is almost always the correct verdict!

Whatever the habit is, the dream’s telling you that it’s time to transform it. The best way to do so is to replace the unproductive habit with a way in which you can creatively express yourself through your passions, either professionally or on a personal level.

Make a list of 10 things you excel at and a list of 10 things you love to do. Whenever there’s a match, this could be a great idea for you to pursue in order to express your creativity. By doing so, you’ll fill your life with ways of being that nurture who you truly are and re-energize your life force energies. Good luck!

May your dreams illuminate the inner and outer you…

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