Some man merges inside me, inside my head, and then we’re both inside my mouth. I see saliva forming and it’s swallowed, but it feels like we’ve both swallowed it. This is the strangest dream I’ve had so far. Thank you.

– Sveta

DREAMER: Female, 47, U.S.


Man — unknown subconscious/inner aspect of the dreamer

Head — dreamer’s ways of thinking

Mouth — communication

Saliva — tool for assimilation of knowledge


Hello Sveta,

Although it seems to be a bit scary to you, your dream speaks to you merging with an inner aspect of yourself—a beneficial alignment between parts of you, the dreamer. Your subconscious mind is using the metaphor of this unknown man merging with you to emphasize your perception of what was occurring a day or two prior to this dream.

The head indicates that the merge had to do with your ways of thinking, the mouth suggests the ways in which you communicate and the saliva points to the ways in which you assimilate knowledge.

To interpret it in the Universal Language of Mind, the dream is speaking to you about aligning your outer self with your inner self in respect to communication and the assimilation of your waking life experiences. The dream reflects to you your thought process and how you integrate knowledge received (mouth and saliva). Knowledge in the Universal Language of Mind is symbolized by food, which is directly related to both the mouth and saliva appearing in your dream.


If this were my dream, Sveta, I’d be curious to find out exactly how this alignment between my inner and outer selves is occurring in my day-to-day life.

Alignment between the outer self, which is the conscious/waking mind, and the inner self, which is the subconscious mind, will open the door to a full connection between you and your Highest Self, the I AM. The dream reflects that in some undefined way, you were experiencing this alignment; however, you weren’t fully aware of it. The dream is drawing your attention to this alignment so you can become more conscious of it and draw upon its power.

One of the ways to cultivate such alignment is to do a daily concentration exercise. Each day, for 10 minutes, focus all of your attention on an object of your desire. As you perceive thoughts passing through your consciousness, let them move on. As needed, return your full attention to the object of your concentration.

Practicing concentration on a daily basis will facilitate the alignment between your outer and inner mind. It’ll also illuminate your thinking process and bring about peace and tranquility. A 10-minute practice can bear fruits that’ll last a lifetime. This is the message that the unknown man merging with you in your dream is aiming to bring about.

May your dreams illuminate the inner and outer you…

Image via Pixabay