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This dream started in 2013 and a similar dream occurred again in 2015.

The dream is about red roses. The first time it happened, I dreamed I was pulling them out from under my bed. The second time, they appeared in my bed in a hotel room. I was shocked and surprised, and was desperately trying to get rid of the roses, but they keep reappearing as if they were magically regenerating over and over again.

In the first dream, I was looking under my bed trying to mop the floor when the mop pulled out a rose that looked like it was a day old. Then, slowly, rose petals kept coming out from under the bed.

The second time I had this dream, I pulled back my covers and the roses were there bubbling up. Every time I tried to get rid of them, they reappeared! At first, they were full roses; then, after the second removal, they were all rose petals.

– Zandra

DREAMER: Female, 33, U.S.


Roses — subconscious thought forms

Bed — place of assimilation

Hotel — Universal Mind = interconnectedness = mind-to-mind communication


Hello Zandra,

You’ve shared with us a reoccurring dream. A reoccurring dream, as the name suggests, is a dream that returns to the dreamer’s consciousness through time and space.

The significance of a reoccurring dream is conveyed through the repeated message. There’s something very important for the dreamer to receive through such a dream, something that hasn’t been fully absorbed before.

Roses symbolize subconscious thought forms—these are thoughts and perceptions of the dreamer that have yet to be manifested into physical existence. A great example of such thoughts are nighttime dreams.

Both dreams are directing your mind to pay attention to your inner perceptions and thoughts. The dreams are telling you to not only pay attention to the entire structure of your perceptions (full flower of rose), but also to their elements—the petals.

The symbol of the bed symbolizes that the subconscious thoughts represented by the roses relate to the way you assimilate your perceptions and thoughts.

The hotel in the second reoccurring dream symbolizes Universal Mind. This signifies interconnectedness, which is often experienced through mind-to-mind communication.

These dreams are aiming to draw your attention to your inner thoughts and perceptions; more specifically, to how you assimilate them and how they influence and are received by others.


If this were my dream, I’d strive to understand my innermost thoughts. “Thought is cause” is a Universal Truth expressed through these dreams.

To delve deeper into your subconscious mind, you can do one or both of two things:

  1. Do some stream-of-consciousness writing for a minimum of 10 minutes every day. Simply write all your thoughts out as they come. They don’t need to be well-edited or grammatically correct. Just purge your thoughts on paper and then examine them. Receive them and see how valid they are. Reason through them to see which ones to keep and which ones to discard.
  2. Get curious with your dreams. Write down each dream and strive to have them interpreted. Dreams are messages from your subconscious mind and are invaluable when you want to recognize your thoughts and perceptions from your waking life experience.

Intention is paramount. So be curious with wanting to understand your thoughts and perceptions. This’ll bring about wonderful revelations about your inner and outer worlds!

May your dreams illuminate the inner and outer you…

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