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Hi Aneta,

Before I write the dream, I should say that I was absolutely soaked in sweat by the time I arose.

First, I remember walking to a house with a giant roof and high ceilings. It was like an outfitted barn but with only one room, and everything was in it: kitchen, bathroom, living room, everything you can imagine. There were children passing in and out. I asked the couple there if they wanted to build higher up into the home, but they didn’t want to.

Earlier in the dream, I remember that I was trying to get a friend out of the basement of another house that was leaking water everywhere. We couldn’t find a way out, but there was glass and a spiral staircase upwards. We used the staircase, but she seemed reluctant to climb, like dizzy or perhaps she couldn’t catch her breath. It was all a blur. 

What do you think this means?



DREAM TITLE: “Exploring Different Places in Mind”

DREAMER: Female, 21, Canada


House — state of mind of the dreamer

Children — developing aspects of the dreamer

Basement — unconscious parts of dreamer’s mind

Friend — familiar aspect of the dreamer

Water — conscious life experience

Glass — transparency

Staircase — tool for ascension


Hello Aleksa,

Thank you for sharing your dream.

Any house in a dream represents the dreamer’s state of mind. In your case, the house has high ceilings and a giant roof, which represent wholeness and an elevated perspective in relation to how you use your mind. All the areas (kitchen, living room and bathroom) being in the same single space speak to you not having strict and clear delineations between different parts of your mind. To explain further: a bathroom symbolizes a place for release and cleanup, a kitchen is where you prepare knowledge (food) and a living room is a place for connection with various parts of yourself.

Any person in a dream represents an aspect of the dreamer. The children symbolize unknown, developing aspects of you, and your friend a known, familiar aspect. The next step with people we know who appear in our dreams is to determine two main qualities that you, the dreamer, believe they demonstrate. This helps to narrow the aspects within the dreamer that the dream is calling attention to. 

A basement represents the unconscious parts of a dreamer’s mind. A staircase is a way to move about in the house (mind). Therefore, anytime someone is climbing up a staircase, this symbolizes a degree of ascension in the dreamer’s consciousness.


Overall, this dream reflects how you used your mind a day or two prior to having this dream. It reflects that you were exploring various parts of your mind, from the unconscious to the higher levels of consciousness. The dream also speaks to you being aware of parts of yourself that are still developing (children), as well as the qualities that your friend represents.

The mind is composed of three divisions: Conscious, Subconscious and Superconscious. The unconscious parts of the mind reside in all three divisions and represent those parts of ourselves that we’re not aware of. Most people utilize less than 10 percent of their mind’s power.

Your dream is encouraging you to explore more aspects of your mind. A few ways to do so include recording and interpreting your dreams, journaling and meditating. The more of your mind you put to practical use, the more of your true Self you’ll discover!

May your dreams illuminate the inner and outer you…

image: Pixabay

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