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Hi Aneta,

I had a dream once in which I was in a broken-down grey brick building on a battlefield in the middle of war. I was in rags and my father, who has passed away, came onto the battlefield with great white wings, firing fireballs out of his hand. I don’t remember much else. Thank you.

– Maria

DREAM TITLE: “Conflict as a Stepping Stone to Expansion”

DREAMER: Female, 29, U.S.


Brick building  state of mind of the dreamer

War — inner conflict

Rags — outer expression

Father — Superconscious aspect

Wings — freedom

Fireballs — tool for change

Hand — purpose


Hello Maria,

I appreciate you sharing your dream.

Your dream reflects an inner conflict (war, battlefield). It speaks to your identity reflecting a sense of struggle as well (rags).

Your father symbolizes a Superconscious aspect, an aspect of the highest consciousness within you. The wings symbolize the possibility to fly, which expresses freedom. The fireballs are tools for change and expansion. The presence of hands reveals that your dream is aiming to draw your attention to the purpose behind the conflict and your next steps.

To summarize: in a state of conflict, you called upon a part of your Higher Self (symbolized by your father) and you saw the possibility of change (fireballs) and freedom.


Dreams reflect our state of mind from a day or two prior to us having a dream. They reflect our perceptions. In other words, they don’t tell us what actually occurred, but what we perceived as occurring.

We each have our own individual filters through which we see the reality around us. Based on our prior experiences, we might be projecting our emotions onto the surrounding environment. Dreams help us adjust our thought patterns so we can have better experiences in our waking lives. 

We all face conflicts from time to time as we progress through life. In your dream, in the midst of the conflict, you experienced the presence of an inner part of you that’s wiser (your father), one that offers tools for freedom and change/expansion. Since we don’t know the rest of the dream, we aren’t able to determine whether these tools were put to use or not.

What I think this dream highlights is that in every conflict, there’s an opportunity for us to grow and change. More specifically, there’s an opportunity for us to expand our perceptions in regard to the events we partake in. This is what the symbol of hands in your dream speaks to—the purpose behind a challenging situation.

If this were my dream, then the next time I were to face a conflict, I’d call upon those wiser parts of myself and trust that I have all that I need to emerge stronger from any challenging situation I encounter in my life.

 May your dreams illuminate the inner and outer you…

image: By British Official Photographer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons