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person walking in fogIn our weekly Mindful Dreams column, Aneta Baranek of the School of Metaphysics is offering free dream interpretations to The Mindful Word readers, as well as articles on dreams in general.

If you’ve ever been curious about deciphering the cryptic contents of your subconscious mind, here’s your chance! If you would like Aneta to interpret your dream, fill out this form. She will respond with your dream interpretation through this column, published every Thursday. Aneta would love to receive more comments for the dreams interpreted. If you can relate to a dream posted here or have any insights to add, you can post them as comments to the interpretation, or email her at




Hi Aneta,

A path opens ahead of me and it’s foggy. Ahead of me, there’s a tall man wearing dirty brown work pants, a ball cap and an open vest or work coat. He inspires kindness and positivity in me. I feel some spiritual attraction to him. He’s leaning his head down, but I can tell he has a reddish beard. Something in him reminds me of my husband when we were younger. Sadly, I’m currently separated from my husband.

I feel hope towards this man ahead of me, as if he’s someone I’ll cross paths with. As he tilts his head forward, he seems to be opening or closing a foldable wooden desk chair. I believe that there’s more than one chair for him to fold, but I have no idea what he’s doing with them, nor do I see the chairs, just the action of folding one chair and his head down. The fog in front of me prevents me from seeing much detail.

My dream ends there. I wake up from having a brief nap I had at my friend’s house, right after I had a long conversation with my friend Anita (Toni) about my separation. I feel hopeful, and I’m looking forward to the man or whatever he represents. I’m stricken by how tall he is, as there are no tall people in my life.

An image of white blinds, blowing upwards from the wind coming into a house, seems to interject my state of wakefulness. It’s as if the blinds and an open window are in front of me, between the man and I. This interjection is a short-lived dream, more like a vision.

Thank you kindly, Aneta.

DREAM TITLE: “Meeting with the Inner Self”

DREAMER: Female, 41, Canada


Path — path of life, direction in life

Fog — obstruction to being able to see clearly

Man — an aspect of the dreamer

Clothes — self-expression

Husband — committed inner aspect of the dreamer

Chair — structure

Window — a means for awareness


Hello Anshaneta,

I appreciate you sharing your dream.

I think your dream inspires hope for what’s to come. The path in your dream represents the path of your life. The fog symbolizes current obstructions of what you’re able to see. The man in the dream represents an inner aspect of you that you’re not very familiar with, yet you recognize the kindness, positivity and spiritual attraction that the aspect brings about.

The fact that this man seems to possess some of the qualities of your husband symbolizes that you’re drawing upon past commitment to your inner self. A chair in a dream symbolizes structure and support.

The window in the subsequent vision symbolizes a means to your awareness.


If this were my dream, I’d be rejoicing. This dream speaks to you reconnecting with your inner self, with parts of you that align with kindness, positivity and spiritual attraction. The dream also introduces elements of commitment and structure.

Your dream is your soul confirming that you’re moving in the right direction.

Each dream is a message from our subconscious mind, our soul. Your dream is your soul confirming that you’re moving in the right direction. Despite the separation from your husband that’s occurring in your waking life, or perhaps because of it, you’re experiencing oneness within yourself.

Oftentimes, major events in our lives lead us to seek more authentic fulfillment. In order to seek and find answers to our deepest questions, we must turn within. Your dream confirms that you’re on the right path.

Although you can’t see everything clearly (fog), you’re making strides to integrate precious attributes, such as kindness and positivity, into yourself. As you continue to foster such attitudes within yourself, your outer experiences will soon reflect these new ways of being.

Stay on this path, Anshaneta. It’s awakening latent powers within you. Your inner connection, as you continue to foster it, can easily manifest into deeper connections in your waking life.

May your dreams illuminate the inner and outer you…

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