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Hi Aneta,

Last night, I dreamed of a field far away from me, and I was surprised to see a lot of black cats sitting, spread around the meadow. As I continued to walk along the path that led away from the meadow, I felt something weird and I looked down to see a black cat nibbling on my left hand.

I got scared, told myself it was only a dream, and had to force myself to wake up. I woke up feeling extremely weak from head to toe, as if my whole body was weak and shaking.


DREAM TITLE: “Cats in the Meadow”

DREAMER: Female, 47, Denmark


Cats — habits, habitual ways of being

Meadow — subconscious existence

Path — path in life

Hand — purpose


Hello Nerrisa,

Thank you very much for sending in your dream.

Your dream speaks to your life’s path, the direction you’ve decided to take at this time. In the dream, you recognize the vastness of your existence, which is symbolized by the meadow. The cats in the dream represent habitual ways of being that you engage in. One of the habits (one of the cats) wants to direct your attention towards your life’s purpose, and this is represented by the cat nibbling on your hand.


Although the dream seemed scary to you, when interpreted, it provides neutral guidance; it’s telling you to be more mindful with the “why” when it comes to your engagement with different activities in your life.

Dreams reflect our waking state of consciousness from 24 to 48 hours prior to us having a particular dream. The fear that you felt in your dream is related to an emotional state from a day or two before you had it.

If this were my dream, I’d examine all major activities that I’m part of, and evaluate how beneficial they are to my life—not only “for right now,” but in the long term. Where we put our attention determines what we create in our everyday reality. It’s important that we discern what benefits us and what’s detrimental to our health and well-being.

Aligning with deeper purpose, the “why” that feeds our soul, our Higher Self, energizes us and brings about inner and outer fulfillment.

May your dreams illuminate the inner and outer you…

image: Pixabay
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