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Welcome to the new world order

Validity 3/5

According to the powers that be there is no current secret society of elite citizens or government officials actively scheming towards a goal of world domination.

The conspiracy: A handful of the most powerful and wealthy people in the world currently hold massive amounts of control  over the current world governments, eventually aiming for total world dominance, These claims finger many of the most prominent secret societies and elite group summits.

The facts: I wish I could say this was all clearly hogwash. Unfortunately the actions of the people reported to be central to this conspiracy are almost all seemingly in line with the end goal of the conspiracy, Then again. just about everyone with wealth and power uses their wealth and power as a tool to gain more


  • The term New World Order was first used to describe the proposals of global governance, giving birth to NATO and the United Nations.
  • The conspiracy explicitly fingers both the Rothschild and Rockefeller families.

Kennedy is killed by sniper as he rides in car in Dallas

Validity 3/5

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald (acting alone) on Friday, November 22nd, 1963.

The conspiracy: Many people believe there was a second gunman, and that Oswald was a patsy. Oswald claimed his innocence but was murdered just two days after being arrested.

The facts: The Warren Commission was possibly the most thorough and complete murder investigation ever conducted in history, period. All of their conclusions are beyond reproach and convincingly declare Oswald as the killer acting alone, but have yet to release 100% of their findings to the public. Also, the House Select Committee came to a different conclusion, albeit based on dubious evidence. 


  • Oswald was murdered while in police custody by Jack Ruby, a nightclub owner.
  • Oswald’s shooting score (while in basic training with the U.S. Marines) came in at 212, barely making the grade Sharpshooter; a score he was unable to repeat.

Men walk on moon

Validity 0/5

On July 20th, 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the moon, bringing the first living thing to ever walk on the moon. They did it just to prove they could and were better and smarter than the Russians.

The conspiracy: It never actually happened; the whole thing was filmed in a Disney studio.

The facts: Men did land on the moon, the evidence for this is overwhelming, while the evidence against is non-existent. The real question: what is NASA actually hiding about the moon landing? NASA has lied, altered, hidden and destroyed multiple pieces of documentation and evidence to do with this historical event; the reasons for this are currently unknown.


  • For some unknown reason, the original SSTV (high quality) recordings of the Apollo 11 moon landings were recorded over by NASA.
  • The original conspiracy can be traced back to a Fox TV special named Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon? 
  • Many of the “original” photos provided by NASA clearly show signs of editing, via obvious blurring and false horizons.

Reefer madness

Validity 5/5

Cannabis is a dangerous drug which needs to be banned.

The conspiracy: Cannabis became illegal due to the Hemp industry threatening the cotton, lumber and pharmaceutical industries. The Marijuana strain of cannabis became the crux of crucifying all cannabis strains, including those with (next to) no drug-related smokable qualities.

The facts: The facts are all there: the conspiracy is true. All popular negative claims about cannabis have been proven entirely false. There is not a single shred of evidence to prove cannabis is dangerous or negative in any significant way, especially when compared to alcohol (argued to be the most dangerous drug known to man).


  • There have been exactly zero deaths in history attributed directly to the use of Cannabis (Alcohol responsible for an estimated 100k deaths per year)

R.I.P. the electric car

Validity 4/5

The electric car has been, and still is, a more expensive and unrealistic option as compared to a standard internal combustion engine.

The conspiracy: The world has seen many fully functional electric cars (and reports of super efficient non-gasoline engine designs) all of which were destroyed and buried by “Big Oil.”

The facts: Business is business. If you sell Coke, you do everything you can to convince the world Coke is better than Pepsi. If you can’t do that, you buy Pepsi and bury it. There is no reason to believe Oil vs. Electricity is any different.


  • Our Lithium reserves (used to make Lithium Ion batteries. the primary power source for current electric cars) are estimated to be large enough to power a total of 4 billion electric cars.
  • An overnight charge from a standard home outlet will provide most current e-cars with enough juice to travel 43 miles [about 69 km].

Terrorists attack: New York, Pentagon

Validity 3/5

On September 11th, 2001, Osama Bin Laden led al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four commercial jet airliners and flew them into strategic U.S. landmarks, most notably the twin towers.

The conspiracy: The main conspiracy claims that the attacks were orchestrated, planned, commissioned and carried out by the United States government as a basis to initiate the War on Terror.

The facts: No one in the general public knows what actually happened on this tragic day. All we do know is that many facts don’t make sense and the U.S. government is clearly lying about them. Why they’re lying, what the truth is and how deep this conspiracy goes is unknown.


  • In 1962 the Joint Chiefs of Staff devised a series of “false flag” plans to start a war with Cuba, one of which included the hijacking and destruction of a fake civilian airliner.
  • The official reports of airplane speeds on approach to impact defy the possible limits of the aircrafts used. Either the official reports are wrong or the aircrafts used in the attacks are not standard 767 commercial airplanes.
  • A study of the stock market has concluded “there is evidence of unusual option market activity in the days leading up to September 11 that is consistent with investors trading on advance knowledge of the attacks.”

Chemtrails cover the morning sky

Validity 1/5

All reported chemtrails are actually contrails: clouds of vapour caused by jet-engine exhaust.

The conspiracy: The government is spraying the populations with chemicals, likely to be used as a form of mind or population control. Other theories claim the chemtrails are used for environmental manipulation.

The facts: It’s unreasonable to assume the U.S. government hasn’t thought of or even tested the spraying of chemicals into the atmosphere for various punposes; whether any of the reported chemtrails seen above major cities are anything more than vapour is unknown and purely speculation.


  • The only report to find abnormal qualities in contrails came after a news station declared their tested fallen water from a contrail contained 6.8 parts per million of barium (extremely high). Unfortunately it was found the reporter doesn’t understand basic math, the report actually found the barium level at 68 parts per billion (0.068ppm).

Water fluoridation: What’s the real motive?

Validity 4/5

The government claims to care enough about your teeth to spend money fluoridating your water supply.

The conspiracy: The fluoride added to the water supplies is a method of population and emotional control. According to the theorists it’s devastating to your health and/or keeps the drinkers sedate.

The facts: If the government cared about your teeth, they would give you free toothbrushes. Justification of money spent on water fluoridation must be for another purpose, that purpose is unknown.


  • Several cities to cease fluoridating their water saw cavities and caries decline significantly after a few years; a government study from Canada reports similar results.
  • All positive aspects of fluoride seem to be from a topical application, with little-to-no proven positive effect from ingestion.

The truth is out there

Validity 3/5

The official stance of the U.S. government is it has had no contact with, has no evidence of and denies the existence of any extra-Terrestrials or extra-terrestrial technology.

The conspiracy: The government both has knowledge and multiple encounters with alien life, and have chosen to keep it a secret to the public.

The facts: It’s become rather accepted that the Roswell incident was nothing more than a weather balloon, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Out of the thousands of “reliable” reports of UFO sightings or contact it’s unreasonable to assume every single one is purely fictitious.


  • The most persuasive of all encounter accounts is known as the Disclosure Project where a conglomerate of high-ranking, trusted professionals lay out their experience and evidence openly at the National Press Club.
  • All evidence of the Roswell incident involving aliens has proven to be fake or extremely unreliable.
  • Renowned cosmologist Stephen Hawking claims extraterrestrials are almost certain to exist, but warns against our attempt to make contact, as any life-form advanced enough to make their way to our planet poses a potentially cataclysmic risk to our species.









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