Last Updated: April 8th, 2019

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My father received a visitation dream from my mother who passed away just five days earlier. It occurred on the night of her funeral. My father described to me how he saw two images of my mother appear in his dream, at the same time. My father was more focused on the image of my mother appearing in the centre of our apartment balcony, thereby, he was able to give me a more detailed description of this particular image.

My father described her as looking like a queen. She was standing still and looking outside, with her hands in front of her body, with elbows bent. She was wearing a beautiful long, blue-like dress (the shade would be close to “Air Force Blue”), which was slightly wavy at the waist and more wavy towards the bottom. It was a medium heavy fabric and a ballroom style dress, that was smooth, not too shiny, and towards silky. The ironing was perfect. It was out of this world. The nape of her neck was a light brown color and looked very young and healthy. Her hair was dark brown and up in a French roll, and the strands of her hair were very healthy.

At the same time, my mother appeared inside our apartment, in the corner. She was wearing a different dress, still long, but this time with small patterns like flowers, and a thin belt around her waist. The direction of her body was slightly turned. Again, her hands were in front of her body, with elbows bent, but this time she looked like she was preparing to do something, such as take care of the apartment.

I really appreciate my dream interpretation.

Thank you,

DREAMER: Female, U.S., 30


Visitation dream – allows for communication with those who have passed on.


Dear Lilian,

Thank you for sending in your father’s dream. This is a prime example of a visitation dream. A visitation dream is a dream in which someone who recently passed on appears to the dreamer. What is characteristic about a visitation dream is that there’s no conversation or talk taking place in the dream. All communication is telepathic i.e. mind to mind.

Visitation dreams serve as a bridge between the physical world and the Spirit world. Most do not realize that our physical bodies are simply extensions of our pure consciousness known as I AM. Most believe that death is the final stage in our existence. According to Metaphysics death is a transition into existence within higher realms of consciousness. The essence of a person, their soul and Spirit, do not die with the body, rather they simply shed their physical incarnation.

It’s my understanding that, after death, we return to Subconscious Mind where we assimilate our lessons. Therefore through dreams, which are an expression of communication within the Subconscious Mind, we’re able to communicate with those “on the other side.”


Visitation dreams take place to communicate to those still alive that the person passed on is doing well and that they are safe and at peace. Usually they appear looking younger and healthier than right before their transition. Such is the case with your mother in your father’s dream. Her appearing twice in the same dream signifies a double confirmation of her current state of being healthy and content. It’s as if she is communicating to your father, and you, that she is doing well.

In the future you could communicate with your mother through your dreams by stating an intention of doing so. Right before falling asleep write about your desire of wanting to connect with her. Set an intention to do so. As you wake up attempt with most clarity to recall your dreams and write them down. You might need to repeat the process several times before the desired connection takes place.

Visitation dreams are a beautiful means to realize that there’s more to our existence than our physical bodies, our souls continue on with their experiences after what we refer to as “death.”

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

Image: Beautiful lady in blue dress via Shutterstock