Alternative L.E.D.

July unreels—

feel its drag of thunder

under the belly

in summer sky.

Wishbone clouds—

— Roll in,

—Swell out.

Light cracks /// A sky fire:

Pulsing —,



Impression at Sunset

—branches brush, the sky blush.

Day bows:            Sunlight’s last

light tucks

between the apse

of black boughs.

The shadow of a queen palm’s crown—

Her headdress—

—a bird of paradise


the ground.

After Twilight

From the corner of sky, light

breaks. Glints of gold


the wild lapis lake.

Ochre leaves tap and scrape, tap

and scrape. A mind’s emptiness

pulled—across a walkway

of granite-grey slate.

Erika Goodrich has a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from William Paterson University, and a Master’s in Library Science from the University of Buffalo. She currently studies and writes poetry in Tampa, Florida where she also loves to take long walks, practice yoga, and listen to the birds sing.
image: Coconut palm on sunset via Shutterstock