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Hi Aneta,

I was in “my house” looking into a tank that was full of snakes. One snake was a cobra and its head was shaped like a heart. I was just staring at it, when I got interrupted by my mother calling my brother’s name. She called his name and said that one of the snakes had gotten out of the tank. I looked at my mother but she was blurry. It looked as though she was ironing or something. Then, I walked away from the tank and as I was passing the hallway to get into the living room, I saw the brown snake my mother was talking about. I walked into the living room and noticed that a cheetah or bobcat was right behind me. I started speed-walking around the couch trying to get away from but it just kept following me around the couch. Then, that’s where my dream ended. Just need help understanding the dream, I’m confused about it. Thank you!!

DREAMER: Female, US, 27


House – state of mind of the dreamer

Snakes – creative energy

Mother – Superconscious aspect

Cheetah/Bobcat – habit


Dear Rina,

Thank you for sending in your dream… This is a really cool dream telling you about your creative energy (snakes) and how you’re wielding it in your life at the present. You’re in a familiar state of mind (your house) and you’re aware of the presence of your Superconscious aspect that your mother represents. This aspect (symbolizing your Higher Self) is communicating to your familiar subconscious aspect (your brother) the need for you to pay attention to your creative energy. The snake is escaping which means that there’s some way in which you’re allowing your creative energy to dissipate. The bobcat or cheetah represents a habit that is also getting in the way of you fully harnessing your creative energy.


Have you ever heard about Kundalini energy? It’s the most creative energy in the Universe. It resides at the base of the spine of every individual. We can call upon it to fulfill our creative desires. There’s an art and a science to working with your Kundalini energy, so do exercise mindfulness when calling upon it.

If this were my dream I would look at ways in which I’m allowing my creativity to escape me—just as the snake escapes from the tank. An example might be having a desire to start a new project and yet, instead of focusing your attention on that, surfing the Internet without much purpose. There’s a habit, such as surfing the Internet or watching TV, which steers your attention away from whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.

I would suggest making a list of all the ways in which you feel you would like to express your inner creativity. I would then also create a list of projects which you would like to accomplish and set clear and obtainable goals to fulfill them.

It’s very important to give clear direction to your creative energy and to follow through on your dreams and desires.

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

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Image: Poisonous snake is in the terrarium, close up via Shutterstock