Last Updated: April 9th, 2019

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Hi Aneta,

The other night I had the strangest dream. I dreamed I saw a ball travelling about two feet above the ground. It was the colour of one of those Christmas decorations—that round luminous funny green silver colour. I wanted to grab it to go and show my husband, but I knew it was from outer space, and I thought it could possibly be extremely hot and, if it was travelling fast enough, it could go right through me. I don’t know why I was thinking of the speed, because it was actually not going that fast. I decided to take a chance and I caught the ball. It wasn’t hot, but it immediately began to dissolve slowly and lose shape like an ice cube would. By the time I got it to my husband, it was shaped almost like a half moon, it was small and extremely unimpressive. Yes, he said, it comes from outer space, so what? I told him I just wanted to show him, that’s all.

I still remember that ball and the way it hovered. It was beautiful and I can still clearly see it even though the dream was about a week ago.


DREAMER: Female, 60, TH


Ball – a thought form, an idea

Outer space – remote place in mind related to higher levels of consciousness

Husband – familiar inner aspect of the dreamer related to commitment

Hotness (related to fire) – expansion

Green – colour related to healing


Hello Melissa,

This is a lovely dream. I must admit that at first I had a challenge with recognizing the role that the ball played in your dream. Although dream symbols carry universal meaning, each dream and interpretation is individual. I reached a conclusion that the ball symbolizes a very expansive thought form, an idea. The ball arriving from an outer space reflects the idea being linked to higher levels of consciousness. It being green signifies its correlation to healing. Your wanting to show the ball to your husband relates the fact that you wanted to share this expansive idea with the most committed and inner part of you that your husband symbolizes. The fact that the ball melted away as an ice cube shows how fleeting it was in its nature.


Since the dream is so vivid in your memory do you by any chance remember what you were doing 24 to 48 hours prior to you having the dream? This dreams marks a very significant idea or understanding that you became aware of in your waking life. Since it came from outer space I would suggest to see how this idea was correlated to higher levels of your consciousness. An example of such an understanding would be a realization that there is a deep meaning to your daily existence, that there is much more to your life aside from the routine and any preconceived limitations. This idea was very healing to you which is reflected in the colour green. And yet the idea, this powerful understanding, was of a very transitory nature.

If it were my dream, I would start a journal in which I would record my thoughts. I would use the “stream of consciousness” approach where for 10 minutes I would write out all my thoughts—not in an ordered or cohesive way necessarily. This would help me recognize the thoughts and ideas that circulate through my mind.

Your dreams are telling you that your ideas and understandings are very valuable and that you need to pay more attention to them so that they can be manifested out into the physical realm.

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

image via Pixabay