Last Updated: April 8th, 2019

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Hi Aneta,

The following event occurred late at night, while I was awake, a few years ago, where I could actually hear a great spiritual battle happening, which I believe were between good and evil angels, or good and evil forces. It was very powerful indeed. It sounded like many good angels knocking the evil angels to the ground with their supernatural power. I only heard it for less than two minutes. It was only a glimpse. It only happened once in my life. But there was a lot happening in that short space of time. The battle was sudden, very loud and noisy, continuous and swift, fierce and intense. I could only hear the battle, but not see it. To get an idea of how the battle would sound in the physical realm, it would be like hundreds or even thousands of people grabbing pieces of furniture, like chairs and banging them forcefully to the ground.

Could this spiritual battle be in the category of a revelation or discernment from God, one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, as mentioned in 1 Cor. 12:8-10? If so, why and what would be God’s purpose?

Thank you,

DREAMER: Female, U.S.


Angels – messages from the Superconscious Mind

Battle – conflict within the dreamer’s mind


Dear Emily,

Thank you for sharing this fascinating event/dream. I would like to approach it from two perspectives. One that is more probable is also more literal when it comes to dream interpretation. In general angels symbolize messages from our Superconscious Mind. Superconscious Mind is the highest level of consciousness one can reach, some refer to it as Christ or Buddha consciousness. The battle between the angels symbolizes the inner battle within you between some thoughts and attitudes that you identify as highest ideals (good angels) and those darker ones, not as pure or divine.

Another approach is to interpret this event as a type of vision you experienced. It sounds like you gained access to the inner levels of mind. The soul, spiritual and angelic realms can be accessed from the inner levels of mind. Some people are able to experience those inner levels after training their mind to do so, and some come equipped with that understanding. Since you mentioned that this occurred only once then I presume this might have been a chance happening. There might have been a form of deep relaxation that took place prior that allowed you to have this vision. It might have also happened after you had a deep spiritual experience through prayer, for example. Do you remember events of that day?


There are two ways to apply this event to your life. Firstly, I would ask myself if I have some fears with regards to reaching Christ consciousness. Do I possibly believe that to reach Christ consciousness I need to struggle? Or do I perceive qualities within myself that I don’t approve of that I believe need to be battled with and overcome by the better and more pure ones? If so, I would adjust my inner dialogue and trust in the essence of infinite love that my being has at its core. The more love and awareness I perceive in myself, the more love and awareness I draw to myself and give to others.

Secondly, as the quote from Corinthians mentions, it’s quite possible for us to attune to the Superconscious Mind and receive visions of the inner world. I do believe that there’s a high probability that this is what took place in this case. This is wonderful as it allowed you to experience firsthand deeper parts of yourself and the Universe. With curiosity I would explore how I could repeat such experience in the future. I would think on it and pray about it knowing that the answers are coming to you.

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

Image: Angels and demons conflict religious battle war scene via Shutterstock