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Hi Aneta,

I was about my daily activities at work (I’m a postman). I got to a portion of my day where a number of packages needed to be delivered to many homes on my route. As I approached each house, a UPS driver delivering their packages arrived at the same time as me pulling up for the needed signatures for my drop-offs. UPS drivers are always in a hurry, and I had no problem letting him deliver before me.

At each address my cell phone rang and I simply noticed it was an unfamiliar out of state number which I let go to voicemail to see if messages are left if it’s important. This happened three times fairly close together, all from the same number.

As I left the third house delivery, I pulled over and answered the last call. I was told they were a suicide prevention program and my oldest daughter had cut her throat. All I could do in response was keep screaming No, No, No… feeling less than hopeless. Dream ended.

Recent details fueled this content. It was disturbing to wake in a sweat afterwards. Curious. What is Universal Mind’s feedback through you?


DREAMER: Male, 55, U.S.


Work – productive state of mind

UPS driver – unknown outer aspect of the dreamer that he is aware of hurrying through a productive task

Phone – telepathic, mind-to-mind connection

Oldest daughter – known inner aspect of the dreamer

Throat – self-expression and will

Cutting – forced change

Suicide – cessation of one’s own existence



Hello Mike,

A dream such as yours might be easily misconstrued as a foretelling of gloomy future. It’s important to realize that most dreams are a reflection of our current state of consciousness rather than precognitive glimpses into the future. Given that, your dream speaks to inner workings of your subconscious mind with every symbol (person, place or thing) representing you—the dreamer.

The dream reflects on you being in a productive state of mind. While in that state you realized that there was an aspect of you (the UPS driver, which you met in your dream) that was hurrying through what you were engaging in. You were also very busy delivering all the packages to all the houses which points to you being very busy in your mind and analyzing a variety of ideas, opinions or scenarios.

In your own mind you were recognizing that something was not right with an inner part of you (symbolized by your daughter). You received inner hunches (phone calls) and yet you ignored them. Finally, you responded to those inner inclinations and you found out that this inner known part of you that your daughter symbolizes, was forcefully terminating its existence.


If it were my dream, I would do the following:

1) I would determine what aspect of me the daughter symbolized in the dream. What are the main characteristics that come to mind when you think of her? Examples might be determination or kindness.

2) I would look into ways of being more present minded with myself – hurrying through of the UPS driver sounds like there are parts of you that are speedily moving through the motions. There are also many packages to deliver to many places. Sounds like you were processing a lot before having this dream. Look for ways in which you can slow down and be more mindful throughout the day

3) I would also look into ways in which I was self-sabotaging. This is, in my opinion, what cutting the throat symbolizes in your dream. In other words, you were experiencing an undermining of the expression of the aspect that your daughter represents. So if she represents speaking up honestly then her cutting her throat would be you not doing so. The dream suggests that you’re aware of this self-sabotage, but are avoiding it to some extent (not responding to the phone calls).

This is a very productive dream with guidance on what you could do next: practice more mindfulness and ensure that you address any self-sabotaging tendencies. The key is to follow through and implement those suggestions into your daily life. Let us know how it all unfolds.

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

Image via Pixabay