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Hi Aneta,

Happening less now than a year ago, but I still am very curious as to why I was having a recurring theme of stairs in my dreams. So many of my dreams involved stairways. They’re at the heart of the dreams. Typical scenario: I’m stuck, cannot climb them, reach the top or find a way down. Sometimes there are multiple stairways that lead to dead ends, although I can see over the railing where I need to get to, I’m unable to find the correct pathway leading there. Other times, I’m climbing a very wide stairway (like steps at a Capitol) and my feet keep slipping before reaching the top. I’m scared to slip backwards. Others around me seem to have no trouble, yet they offer no support.


DREAMER: Female, 41, U.S.


Stairs/stairways – means of moving between levels of consciousness

Pathway – path of life

People – aspects of the dreamer



Hi bats19,

What a great inquiry into the meaning of stairs and stairways in dreams! Thank you for bringing this up.

Stairs and stairways are very significant in dream language and they symbolize means of moving between levels of consciousness. In other words, movements within the dreamer’s awareness. Climbing up the stairs is equivalent to ascension within the dreamer’s awareness. Similarly, going down the stairs means descending into lower levels of consciousness. Lower does not necessarily mean worse. Commonly referenced there are seven levels of consciousness that one can reach. They are equivalent to the seven energy centres known as chakras in the Yoga tradition. The lower chakras and levels of awareness are closer to the denser physical reality. The higher levels relate to the more esoteric and spiritual energies.


Whatever scenarios are present within your dreams with regards to stairs and stairways, they represent your attitudes from your waking life, your level of awareness and how you perceive your own movement within consciousness. If you’re struggling to move up the stairs, that signifies that prior to having your dreams you were having thoughts and attitudes of struggle with an understanding or a problem you were facing. If you’re easily running to the top of the stairs, then your dream is telling you that your thoughts and attitudes reflect ease in expansion of your own consciousness and evolution of your awareness.

Every dream is a message from the dreamer’s subconscious mind. Interpreting dreams opens up the channel to the dreamer’s Higher Self. Our subconscious mind never lies to us nor distorts the truth. As such, interpreting dreams and heeding messages contained in them are so important. They provide priceless guidance as to how to best climb those stairs into higher levels of consciousness.

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

Image courtesy of Caras Ionut