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Hi Aneta,

I had a dream that my ex-girlfriend visited me at my house and she was eager to know how I was living.

However, we broke up earlier because she was going to study Aviation in university. I bore with the situation and after she completed her studies, I felt like I still had strong feelings for her. I tried to restore the relationship we had before, but she said she’s now dating someone else. Despite the fact that we’re communicating well, it’s only friendly communication, with no romantic feelings on her side.

What does this mean? Is this because her standard of living is higher than mine?

DREAMER: Male, 26, KE


House — state of mind of the dreamer

Ex-girlfriend — inner quality of the dreamer rooted in the past


Hi Amin,

Thank you for sharing your dream. It brings about a good question—why would people from our past appear in our current dreams?

Every person in a dream represents an aspect, a characteristic, of the dreamer. People of the same sex represent conscious/outer qualities and those of the opposite sex represent subconscious/inner qualities.

People from the dreamer’s past represent aspects with qualities from our past. Therefore, to fully understand the meaning of a dream, it’s necessary to determine exactly which quality each of the people in the dream reflects within the dreamer.

Based on the above, your dream really speaks to a quality that your ex-girlfriend represents within you, rather than of her as a person. Ex-partners represent familiar aspects of the dreamer.

I presume she’s appearing in your dream because you’re now back in communication with her. As you continue to communicate with her, all the qualities you observe about her will continue to come to the forefront of your awareness.

The dream speaks to the needed integration of the quality that she represents with your own state of mind (your house).


As we love and appreciate people in our lives, we’re truly loving and appreciating qualities within ourselves that they reflect. Everything in each of our lives is a mirror of our state of consciousness.

Every relationship that we enter and foster has much learning to offer us. We usually form attachments and desire for relationships to last forever. However, the truth is that everything in our physical experience is temporary and subject to change.

What remains constant is our quest to know ourselves, to understand ourselves inwardly and outwardly. When we concentrate on qualities that each person brings into our lives, we then can more deeply understand our connection with them and the lessons connected to each relationship.

If this were my dream, I’d make a list of all the lessons this relationship has offered you. I’d also make a list of all the good qualities that this girlfriend represents to you. I’d then use this list to focus on nurturing those qualities within myself. Once you do that you will either welcome into your life a new person with the same characteristics, or possibly reunite with the ex-girlfriend.

What truly matters is how you’ll utilize the old and, potentially, the new relationship to better yourself and to deepen your understanding of yourself and your partner.

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

image: Love by Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)