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Hi Aneta,

I dreamed of a cow chasing me and the cow wanted to hit me with its horns. I dived and one of the horns broke yet it continued chasing me. Finally, it caught me and it turned into a girl and the girl told me I’m hers from now on because I broke her horn. Please help me with the dream I’m so worried.


DREAMER: Male, ZA, 38


Cow – habit

Girl – unknown inner aspect of the dreamer


Hello Tsietsi,

Thank you for submitting your dream.

A lot of people dream about animals. Animals in a dream (with few exceptions) represent habits, habitual ways of being. A habit is not necessarily a bad thing. Some of our habits can be very productive like brushing our teeth in the morning. Still, a habit is something that we do repetitively without putting much thought into it. Based on what the cow did in your dream, it represents a habit that is trying to overpower you (hitting you with its horns). It means ways of your own being that are not productive and which you see as harmful. The cow changing into a girl means that the habit is connected with an inner (subconscious) aspect of you, the dreamer, which you don’t know that well.


Do you remember what was happening in your life 24-48 hours before you had the dream? Dreams mainly show our mental attitudes from a day or two before the dream. They do not depend much on what we were actually doing, but on what we were thinking about what we were doing.

Your dream means that you think/feel you’re being overpowered by something or someone… being attacked by a habit which has to do with the inner part of you that the girl represents. The inner part is all about your inner alignment and dialogue (the things you tell yourself and believe about yourself), the mind programming we all acquire as we move through life. What we constantly tell ourselves results in certain ways of behaviour. In order to change these habits, we first need to change our inner, mental ways of being—our thoughts.

Let me give you an example. A habit could be procrastination—putting off doing things we know we have to do. You know you need to finish something, but you keep putting off doing it until it is too late and you have missed an important date.

Afterwards you might be quite upset with the world (feeling overpowered or attacked), but the true cause of feeling upset is having put off doing something in the first place. This attitude of putting off doing things comes from an inner attitude which could be an unconscious fear.

Be more watchful with your life. See if there are ways the habits you have make you feel overpowered or attacked. Ask yourself questions about your habits and find ways to change your way of thinking. Dreams are here to help us grow and change and evolve to our highest potential.

You are on your way to experience more joy and freedom through upgrading old ways of being!

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

image: A heifer chasing one guy during the festivity “Nuestra Senora de Loreto” via Shutterstock