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I was on a bridge. Next to me was a gigantic snake. I was afraid to cross the bridge as the snake was blocking it. I then decided to cross the bridge anyways. Once I crossed the bridge I was met by a young couple with a newborn baby. They handed the baby over to me. I told them that I would teach them how to take care of the baby.

DREAMER: Female, U.S., 41


Bridge – transition

Snake – creative energy (also referred to as Kundalini energy)

Young couple – unknown maturing inner and outer aspects of the dreamer

Baby – new idea


Hello Everyone,

This week I wanted to share one of my dreams from few years back. It was a dream which I received after incubating a question. The question had to do with an important decision of taking on a responsibility for directing one of the centres of a non-profit organization that I had been a part of. The dream spoke about my hesitation with making that transition—the bridge that I’m afraid to cross. I was afraid of the snake which symbolizes my Kundalini/creative energy. Upon crossing the bridge I met two aspects of myself: inner (male) and outer (female). Not only was I welcomed by the two aspects, but they also handed over their baby to me where the baby symbolizes a new idea. The dream foretold the confidence that I would develop once I made the transition i.e. once I crossed the bridge.


This was a very significant dream in my life. It guided me to take the next step in my personal growth and spiritual development. It reflected to me the inner fear that I had with regards to moving forward. This fear was related to utilizing my creative energy which, as an introverted person at that time, I was quite afraid to wield. The dream encouraged me to overcome my fear, to face my fear. As a result it promised that I would get in touch with new aspects of myself including a new idea which I would feel completely capable of taking care of. The new idea related to the position of responsibility that I was hesitant to take on. The dream encouraged me to expand and grow, promising a newfound inner confidence that would help me, not only to take on the new position, but also empower me in the new identity that I was wanting to step into.

Reflecting on the dream from the perspective of time helps me see how accurate it was. There most definitely was fear I needed to overcome. As I changed and opened myself up to this new expansive experience, I discovered parts of myself and I learned about the strength and tenacity that I did not know I had. I’m so grateful that I listened to this dream and heeded its guidance.

Asking your dreams questions about your choices in life is a great way to tap into your inner guidance.

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

image: Malagasy or Madagascar Tree Boa via Shutterstock