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Hi Aneta,

I dreamed that I had a key to a house I owned. I seemed to have not been previously aware of this ownership, but the house was cold and old and run-down and owning it didn’t immediately seem like a benefit or an asset. I seemed to be unsure as to whether I wanted it and it needed much work. Another problem was that the key to the front door bent in the lock and then broke.

DREAMER: Female, ZA, 33


Key – tool for unlocking or locking, for opening or closing

House – state of mind of the dreamer


Dear Fightycat,

Thank you for sharing your dream…

This dream is all about your own state of mind and you unlocking and accessing it. It highlights the fact that, a day or two prior to having a dream, you had a deeper realization about your own state of being, your own state of mind. Perhaps you became aware of certain thought patterns that you have had for a while? This is what you not being aware of the house highlights. You identified the house as being cold and old. This symbolizes your own attitude towards how you perceive your own inner state of mind at this moment in time.


If this were my dream I would rejoice in discovering deeper parts of myself (the house in your dream). Your current perceptions are that the house (i.e. your mind) is cold and old. That is a common perception, and yet… that is only what it is… a perception. We create our reality based on the thoughts that we repeatedly think. We can change what we feed our minds. In this particular case, I would create an affirmation and repeat it many times throughout a day. An example might be: “I am open to exploring my inner being, my mind. I am excited to know myself on a deeper level.” Affirmations are a great tool to enhance our quality of existence and upgrade our perceptions of reality. As we upgrade our perceptions, our reality is upgraded as well. “As within, so without.”

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

Image: old house, old door, gate via Shutterstock