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Hi Aneta,

I was at a Turkish bath and there were many very large men around me—almost like Sumo wrestlers size-wise—all in different stages of disrobement. We were all talking about many things, some of it just idle chitchat, and being extremely companionable. There were many swimming pool-like baths all around. Trays of food and drinks were being delivered. For the first time in my life I felt completely comfortable in a group of men.

DREAMER: Male, Canada, 69


Turkish bath – place of cleansing

Men – conscious aspects of the dreamer

Naked – being naked in a dream symbolizes honesty

Swimming pool – contained conscious life experience

Food – knowledge


Hello Michael,

Thank you for submitting your dream.

A bathhouse is a place of cleansing the body. All the men in your dream represent conscious aspects of you (with the rule being that people of the same gender relate conscious/outer qualities and of the opposite gender represent subconscious/inner aspects). Sumo wrestlers follow a regimented lifestyle and a form of martial arts with many spiritual elements. Those being disrobed signifies honesty. Food symbolizes knowledge.

Putting it all together: this dream reflects a state of consciousness of being at ease and comfortable with oneself and with learning. There are many aspects of Self that you’re getting to know throughout your waking life experience and you’re doing so with honesty. Those aspects are disciplined and somewhat spiritual. You’re moving through a process of cleansing, not only outwardly, but also inwardly.


It would be great for you to recall what attitudes you were holding in your mind a day or two prior to having this dream. Whatever these attitudes were they were very productive and helped you expand your consciousness. They were bringing about comfort with regards to getting to know yourself. Something also stimulated you to perceive parts of you as disciplined and spiritual, indicating an inward evolution. If it were my dream I would continue to foster these attitudes to ensure expansion of my inner and outer awareness. Keep up the good work!

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

image: Bey hamam (turkish baths), Thessaloniki, Greece via Shutterstock