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She was born out of the fire. Humankind had been on a search for a true leader. There had been many that came and left, but for some reason the ones that continued to rule, used their power corruptly. Free speech was not encouraged, fear dictated their decisions and there was a lack of unity. They had heard about the power of prayer, and this time a small group of like-minded individuals came together to pray. They began to envision what it is that they wanted in a leader.

The first image that came to mind was that of a “Woman.” Qualities of “being, presence, creativity, mindfulness” came to their minds. They wanted someone who would carry a presence wherever they went. People would look at their leader, and would say “Wow, I wish I had that grace, I wish I could move and inspire people with my speech, or wow, I wish I had the capacity to make others laugh.” But more than anything a leader that would use logic and emotion in their day-to-day dealings and decisions.

Too much logic and facts makes a leader indifferent to their people’s needs. And too much emotion, makes a leader blind in making decisions. This time the leader would have hands that serve, heads that are wise, and hearts that heal. Someone who would listen and was not afraid to mix with the masses. A leader who embodied truth—in thought, word and deed.

They sat in prayer, silence, chanting and meditation for many days and many nights; and when the time was right, the ceremonial fire was lit. And so began the process of her creation. The skies shook, the sun shone brightly, the trees swayed and the birds chirped almost singing a song to welcome our leader. Everyone had been waiting for this day. The fire was becoming stronger and larger. And then they began to see a form emerge from the fire. At first it was difficult to determine the nature of the form, but as their chants grew stronger, the form began to emerge. And then there was silence. The fire went out, and there stood their creation. Her eyes shone brightly, her beauty captivated everyone, and she had grace. She stepped out onto the podium and looked at each person, greeting them intently. Eye contact was made with each person. Compassion and humility in her eyes, she made a connection with everyone. Then she spoke:

You have called upon me, I have come to you because of your prayers.
I am a part of each of you, and yet I am separate.
Your vision is what created me, yet you each have this vision in you.
I will bring peace, I will bring order,
But for that we must all work together.
Discard your layers of deceit,
Discard your layers of doubt and let your light shine forth.
Discard your beliefs of “mine” and “thine”
Discard your fears of failure
You are in me, your true essence is in me.
Yet you do not see it,
I am here to show you the way so that truth can prevail.
So that once again we can restore balance, love to humanity.
Come take my hand and let us lead together.
Let us be one.”

They held hands to form a circle. Tears came streaming down their faces. Their search had ended. With faith, they had found hope and hope would bring them home.

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image: leadership via Shutterstock
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