Do you ever want to sit down and write a masterpiece, but you just can’t? Maybe the house is too noisy, the coffee shop is too familiar or the library feels cold and dead. Sometimes local places aren’t enough to get your creative juices flowing. Sometimes, you need to go a greater distance. Here are my top five choices, in no particular order, of inspirational cities for writers:

St. Petersburg, Russia

The exoticness, the colours, the architecture and the culture of St. Petersburg are unlike any other city in the world. It makes you look at things from a different angle, a different perspective. The towering palace, the beautiful, glittering canals and people you have never seen the likes of are sure to make you have to tilt your head to see what you didn’t before.

Paris, France

Paris: the city of love and light. What better place is there to write a novel of romance, of love, of dreams and hope? Paris is known for its artistic spirit, the splendour of the Eiffel Tower, the smells of delectable food—the brilliance of the whole city is enough to make your heart bleed love onto every page.

Dublin, Ireland

This city is filled with so much history, known and unknown. It has miraculous landforms and gigantic castles. Dublin is a beautiful city that possesses a mystical, hypnotic atmosphere that’s sure to get you asking questions about the mystery of Dublin, and you may begin writing a mystery of your own that will become legendary.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is the perfect place for an escape from everyday, ordinary life. You feel free from your daily obligations, as if something unreal and magical could happen here. Edinburgh is a beautiful, historic place that will give you a sense of adventure. Before you prepare your characters for a journey of a lifetime, prepare yourself by embarking on a trip to the adventurous, explorable capital of Scotland.

Portland, Maine

Standing on a rocky shore at sunset, feeling the ocean breeze blow past you and the tall, amazing lighthouse, as you hear the waves crash against the rocks. There’s no better place a writer can go to become calm, cool and collected than Portland, Maine. It fills you with feelings of hope, of being able to do anything… it fills you with inspiration. Before anyone starts writing, they need that. This is the perfect place for any writer when they start to feel lost. Because, sometimes, you have to lose yourself to find yourself, and that is just what you can do here.

By traveling to beautiful, inspirational cities around the world such as these, you find yourself opening a door into another land, here in the real world, and can end up unlocking your potential to be an exceptional writer. Everyone, especially artists such as writers, need inspiration to tug on their emotions, to change their views, to make them question things… and to help them soar.

What cities inspire you to write?

image: Russia, St. Petersburg via Shutterstock