‘This is [her] soul group.’
What do you mean?’
It’s a group of souls with whom she resonates closely.”
– James Redfield, The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision

Have you ever been drawn to a group of individuals for a certain amount of time, and when the time came for you to part your ways, you left feeling impacted by belonging to their soul group? I use the word “soul group” because there’s a connection that sometimes exists beyond words.

The above quote came to my mind as I said goodbye to a group of like-minded people who I have worked with very closely over the last six years. Never before have I ever worked with a team that mirrored my highest intentions and when I finally found this group, I knew I had found home. Saying goodbye to them was bittersweet because we all knew that this was for my highest good, yet at the same time knowing that life would never be the same again.

They say that the people in your life mirror what your soul deeply wants. That means your soul has been calling out for some substance, for some beauty, for some compassion and creativity, and it attracts groups that resonate your calling to you. Think about events in your life. Think about friendships you have shared and still no matter how far apart you may be, you know that you will ALWAYS be friends. When you do come across that connection, it’s so important to treasure every minute, every moment and every lesson that they each have to impart. Life is always evolving and circumstances are always changing. So too, the soul group by physical proximity may also end when internally the lessons that need to be learned have been accomplished, helping you move further onto your next chapter.

Self-awareness of your soul purpose is vital to be able to view each event as a stepping stone to your path. This goes for positive and negative experiences. If you’re the type who has made an internal effort to understand your true calling in life and want to know your soul purpose, there will be life lessons that will come your way through personal and professional groups to help you evolve and master that life lesson. Sometimes it could be one individual who comes in the form of a friend, lover, partner, or family. Sometimes it could be in groups. Sometimes it could be in the form of an experience.

Think of negative experiences you may have had with people in your life. What are the challenges that you may be encountering? Is there a pattern? Is the same lesson repeating itself only with different individuals? If we were to think that this is simply coincidence, then I ask you to delve deeper into this. Perhaps it could be your soul calling out to you to finally be that individual you are meant to be. Perhaps your soul is tired of falling into the same trap and is hoping that one last time you rise above your limited self.

And so with this, I again reflect on the fact that each person, group, incident, situation we meet or encounter is leading us to our purpose. We’re in a training ground and we’re continually being sent situations that will get us to who we are and where we ought to be.

Think of your own life—who is in your circle? Past? Present? What influence did they play or are they playing? How do you resonate with them? Does your current circle mirror what your souls’ intentions are? Are you being true to your soul purpose? Every now and then, it’s important to do a check in of some sorts for yourself to see if you’re following your true path. And when you do realize that you have found your soul group, be grateful for having that experience because it is truly priceless. You become transformed.

image: soul friends via Shutterstock