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There’s a lot of skepticism surrounding energy healing. In some instances people test their skepticism by trying it out for themselves. In other cases, the doubts remain. The next best thing to trying it out is to clear up the misunderstandings and expand our knowledge on the topic. For this reason I’ve asked Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch, to answer a few questions. He’s been energy healing since the 1970s and now shares his knowledge speaking at conferences, schools and medical centres around the world.

What is Quantum-Touch?

Quantum-Touch is a form of energy healing that allows practitioners to amplify the life-force energy (or Chi) to help the body to accelerate the healing process. It’s often used with a light touch, but it can also work at a distance. It can be a standalone system and is being used by a wide range of practitioners, such as chiropractors, physical therapists, body workers, trainers and much more to enhance their practice.

How does it work? 

QT uses simple breathing and body awareness exercises to raise the energy of the practitioner. Through a process of resonance and entrainment, the person receiving the session matches the vibration of the practitioner. The body heals itself—this is why we say that the definition of a great healer is someone who was very sick and got well quickly. We provide the energy and let the body do it’s own healing.

How does it differ from other types of energy healing, such as Reiki?

QT uses no symbols, attunements or set hand positions. We’re actively doing breathing and body awareness exercises the whole time we’re working. We don’t wait for the energy to come in. We bring it. Since we’re active, we never match the vibration of the person we’re working on, so the practitioner does not become tired or drained. Unlike Reiki, first day students can watch bones moving back into alignment with a light touch before lunch break.

How is doing Quantum-Touch good for our life force energy?

The whole practice of breathing and body awareness increases the flow. Level 2 QT takes it far further than level one by also integrating the heart chakra. This is where a new set of human abilities comes into play.

Can anyone do Quantum-Touch?

Of course. Everyone succeeds at this. It’s probably the easiest skill a person could ever learn. It’s natural and we’re wired to do this.

How much training does it take to learn Quantum-Touch? 

It depends on how far a person wants to go.  Some have learned from my books, an online video course or live workshops. Typically people will be well on their way from a simple weekend course. Others go on to be practitioners (now in over 50 countries). There’s also an instructor program and other advanced workshops.

Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-TouchWhat conditions is Quantum-Touch best used for? 

That’s a difficult question. Injuries have responded extremely quickly to the work, and we’ve had reports of it working on fetal alcohol syndrome infants, OCD, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, addictions, injury and the list goes on and on. We’ve heard of it saving lives by bringing up the blood/oxygen level of people during surgery or rapidly healing severe burns. Some people seem to be better at certain conditions than others. For example I’m not very good at calcification issues.

Anything that it doesn’t work well for?

We don’t know. Not everyone gets well every time, but we can find other people with those conditions who have gotten well. When QT doesn’t work, we like to find the emotional causes and help people process the emotional causes. The system is called Self-Created Health. Not only do symptoms go away, but people may feel grateful that they had had the condition.

How does Quantum-Touch accelerate the healing process?

It provides the needed life-force energy to allow the body and spiritual intelligence to do the healing required. None of us are smart enough to know how to heal even a small paper cut. We rely on the energy to do that work.

One of your goals is to bring scientific credibility to the field of energy medicine. Can you point me to any reputable research studies that prove the efficacy of energy medicine?

My friend Dawson Church has done a lot of research on EFT, accessible on the EFT Universe website. His work is now approved by the AMA. We’re taking what Dawson does to the next level.  He wrote, “QT2 is an exciting voyage of discovery. Prepare yourself for miracles!”

Learn more about Quantum-Touch in this video with Richard Gordon:

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