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Excerpted from Into the Hearth by alternative healer Wendy E. Slater, who was inspired to produce a plethora of poems after experiencing a chronic illness and embarking on a series of spiritually enriching getaways, the first of which was a life-changing trip to Scotland in 2001. 

I May Need to Change Seats

I may need to change seats,

Those that surround,

At a distance, are not random,

Too close in utter idleness,

Not like a car warming up,

But dizzy despair

Of not having touched

Their souls or

Any souls in their

Driven moment

Of names, devices, histories

Laced together of routine,

Following the same

Highway day in and day out,

Polite, mundane, politics of

Superficial fabric

That tears the skin

With its voice.

What Would It Be Like?

What would it be like,

Truly, in truth,

If we folded like smoke

Spiraling up into nothingness,

Disappearing from sight,

But touching, seeing, tasting, smelling, hearing

Everything at once

Not as a mixed sumptuous bowl of soup

With elegance and flavour

Enough for any palate,

But as a symphony blended

In rapture, an orchestrated

Ensemble of love, divinity and ecstasy

Such that trumpet and violin

Blare with truth

And vehemently resonate


And one may listen to the

Delicate strings in concentration,

But it would not be a celebration

With the whole troop of players,

Listen, listen, listen

And you will hear

And then sight, sound, and touch and

Smell will awake

Like nothing

Nothing at all

Else it be hidden

From view.

This is yours, open to it,

Dance, celebrate and love,

Be the audience, the field,

The sitar and the banjo,

The conductor,

Even the janitor and the

Neighbour with the window

Wide open who cannot

Come out to see, but

Only hear,

By dark and in the light,


To the fire in the hearth,

Make music and be.

I Do Know the Despair

I do know the despair

Of feeling the link

To the Absolute

Has been absolutely forgotten

And brought me to my knees

And so weary

I have remembered and do remember

The link is not a chain

Not a thing,

There can be no attachment.

It’s all within.

Wendy E. Slater’s Into the Hearth, Poems-Volume 14 is a simmering, soul-searing and spiritual book of poetry that deftly points humankind towards a new awareness of our Oneness with all humanity, nature, the cosmos and the divinity. Into the Hearth is one of 20 volumes of “Vision Quest Poetry” to be written since Slater’s heart-opening trip to Scotland in 2001. For more information, visit

Excerpted from Into the Hearth, Poems-Volume 14 by Wendy E. Slater, ©Wendy E. Slater, Traduka Publishing.

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