Ever heard of those “Would you rather?” questions? Such as, would you rather eat a hair sandwich or earwax? Well, here’s one I posted on my Google Plus: Would you rather not have the ability to say how you feel, or not be able to feel altogether? This question needs a lot of careful thinking. And it can feel painful just thinking about either life.

Here’s how someone may weigh the question: think about your closest loved one, perhaps your mom, or your lover or your best friend. Or think about an issue you have a strong opinion on. Imagine you couldn’t tell anyone how you feel, thoughts and emotions hitting the walls of your brain, trying to escape, forming into words. The sounds sitting right on the edge of your lips, but hanging on for dear life.

But what if you couldn’t feel at all. Then you would have no pain, no sadness, no anger… but you also would have no happiness, no love. And, even though you wouldn’t know it, you’d be living a miserable life. The people you love so dearly, you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t know how to. And the people around you would be hurt because they may still love you.

I’ve heard some pretty difficult “Would you rather?” questions. Some that are disgusting, difficult and disastrous. But, when it comes to debating having a voice or having emotions, how could you answer that question. So much would be lost either way. That’s why I’ll tell you this: don’t choose, because you don’t have to. Those people you cry with, laugh with and smile with are there, and you can love them, you can tell them you love them.

If there was ever a question to make you realize how much you could lose in life without those things many, but not even all, are blessed with, this is it. Don’t take others for granted. Because some people out there don’t have a voice, can’t feel like we can. No voice or no emotions? Don’t choose either one. Choose to have both.

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image: Fork in the road in front of a city via Shutterstock