The Green Beauty RulesGreen Beauty Rules - Paige Padgett

Paige Padgett

[HCI, 256 pages]

I consider myself a conscious consumer, I’m vegetarian, eat a lot of fruit and veggies coming from local producers, turn boxes in the supermarket to read ingredients, recycle my trash, wash clothes with eco-friendly materials. This year we moved to a smaller apartment to be within walking distance of our kids’ school so that we don’t have to drive them. This shift in consciousness has been happening for over a decade and I’m curious to discover new areas where I can apply mindfulness in my lifestyle, but my time is limited to do thorough research.

That’s where The Green Beauty Rules comes in. Even if you’ve already made some conscious choices about your beauty products, Padgett pushes you further by offering a wide range of brands and products from the affordable to the high-end. She encourages readers to identify their motivation for detoxifying their beauty routine.

By introducing three levels of eco-attitude, I felt relieved because I don’t feel judged as to where I stand. The book doesn’t point out the wrong choices I have probably made over the years, it just aims to expand my understanding and knowledge with extensive lists of nasty chemicals to avoid, must-have products, online and offline stores, green beauty tips and free apps to save you time while shopping.

Besides receiving immense knowledge about the best products from haircare to eyeliner, the tips of the make-up artist are also included: from describing four bold looks that never go out of style to how to fake a good night’s sleep to how to clean make-up brushes like a pro.

I love her rule of 80/20: let yourself use your favourite fragrance or shade of lipstick even if it doesn’t fall under the category of cruelty-free, chemically safe and eco-friendly (all labels have detailed definitions in the book), but mind the extent: if you use ten products daily, at least eight should be chemically safe. Green beauty is not about deprivation and renouncing the fabulous look we all want—I had to leave this notion behind.

This comprehensive and practical book addresses five beauty myths in the beginning and proves them all wrong, especially with the radiant looks of models in the end. Who says green beauty products don’t work and lack glamour?

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