Last updated on April 1st, 2019 at 08:35 pm

Freedom of speech is more important than we may realize. And we need to make sure that this important right remains a part of our country. But there have been times when we were denied this simple privilege, more recently than you may think, and would want to think.

In April 2010, advertisements for “Leaving Islam” in Miami, Florida were ordered to be taken down, believing they would be offensive to Muslims. But what about the other religions that need to be spoken for? Then, in October 2012 and 2013, in New York, anti-war protesters gathered at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to read the names of New Yorkers who had died in the wars in Afghanistan, Vietnam and Iraq. They were arrested after police came to enforce curfew and the protesters had continued on with their ceremony. This deprivation of our right is, well, not right. But, at least our children do not have to face these unjustified acts…right?

But they do. Children and adults alike have been declined their freedom of speech. In March of this year, students at a high school in Morgan Hill, California were banned from wearing American flags on their shirts on Cinco de Mayo. The school was sued by three families for denying freedom of speech. Also, in February 2013, in Minnesota, a school was sued when a sixth grader was banned from handing out pro-life flyers. Is it right that students be discouraged from speaking their mind? Is this how our children should be raised? To keep their voices low and their fears high?

When we’re forced to give up our right to speech, you know that our “free” country is all a lie. Will we just watch as the so-called “justice” system zips up our mouths and takes away our freedom? No, we will not. Because if we did not have freedom of speech, I would not be allowed to write all this. So, stand up and speak your mind for the right to say what you want!

image: 1000 Words via Shutterstock