Last updated on April 2nd, 2019 at 07:36 pm

When your little boy runs around in a cape and mask yelling “Superman to the rescue,” or your little girl dresses up in a crown and dress and has high tea with her stuffed bear, we just think, “Oh, these are childish phases they will grow out of.” But you’re wrong. What these really are, are signs of a blooming imagination.

Now, when I say imagination, I am talking beyond unicorns and Santa Claus and imaginary friends. But it goes beyond that. It’s the trait in tomorrow’s engineers, scientists, teachers, artists, writers, musicians, leaders and entrepreneurs that will be the key to their future. Without imagination, none of these fabulous inventions or amazing novels would be here. No one would think of a multi-million dollar business or plan out the house you live in. Imagination leads to creativity, which leads to ideas, which leads to taking action.

It may seem silly for me to say you should tell your children to believe in Santa Claus, or the tooth fairy, or the Easter bunny, but these things teach your child to believe in a solution, to believe in a better tomorrow. When they face hardships in the future, they will hope and believe that things will get better, and will use their creative thinking to find an answer to their problem.

Encourage your children to imagine, to believe, to create. By doing this, you’re not only building your child’s character… you’re also building the future.

image: Boy superhero via Shutterstock